Lucas Octane Booster Test Results

This page is going to reveal my personal experience with several top brands of Octane Booster, including the clear winner, Lucas Octane Booster.

Octane Booster Test Results

This post is based upon my personal experience with several well known octane booster additives including:

  1. Royal Purple octane Booster: approximately $14 for 16 oz.
  2. 104 Octane Booster: approximately $6 for 16 oz.
  3. Torco Octane Booster: approximately $23 for 32 oz (which calculates to $11.50 for 16 oz.)
  4. Cam2 Octane Booster: approximately $22 for a 12 pack, each 12 oz. (which calculates to $2.50 for 16 oz.).
  5. Lucas Octane Booster: approximately $9.50 for 15 oz. (which calculates to $10 for 16 oz.)

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WHY is my WordPress Site SOOOOO SLOWWWWWW? Simple Tip to Double Load Speed of WordPress

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of WordPress and one of the reasons is because WordPress is so much slower than manually hosted sites but this page is going to show you a simple Trick I just discovered on how to Double your WordPress page load speed time. Works on Godaddy and other web hosts.

WORDPRESS is WHY is my WordPress Site So Slow?

The main reason WordPress is so slow is because WordPress is an all in one solution that is coded to cover all types of themes and all types of situations. The problem with this one-size-fits-all philosophy is you end up with a content management system that has way more code than you probably need.

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Most Comfortable Shoe Inserts for Walking and Standing ⍟ for Pennies!

On this page I am going to reveal how to create the most comfortable inserts or insoles for your shoe for walking and standing that literally cost pennies to make.

The Secret Shoe Insert for Pennies

Carpet! I found this idea out by accident. I visit Home Depot a lot and one day my feet were hurting very badly. At the time I happened to be in the carpet isle and the idea came to me to put a carpet sample in my shoe.

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Free Plenty Of Fish Dating Site Secrets for Men

This page is going to show men some of the hottest Plenty Of Fish free dating site tips to dramatically increase the number of views and dates you get on your Plenty Of Fish dating profile.

The Secret to Plenty Of Fish Dating Popularity

Men seem to have a love/hate relationship with POF is the largest 100% FREE internet dating site there is. The biggest complaint men have about it is the lack of response. Typically, a guy sends out 10 ‘hello’ emails to get, maybe, one reply back.
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VB6 – Stop Web Browser (Internet Explorer) Clicking Sound

This page is going to reveal a simple Visual Basic 6 function that can be used to stop the annoying clicking sound that occurs when using the webbrowser control.

Stop IE WebBrowser Clicking Sound Function

One unfortunate fact of visual basic programming is the only control available for browsing the web and doing web programming is the webbrowser control.

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Dog Shedding? Simple Inexpensive HOME REMEDY for DOG SHEDDING

This page is going to reveal a VERY inexpensive and simple solution to remove lose and shedding hair from any dog.

Dog Shedding Home Remedy

Take thick diameter painters tape (2″ wide, although there is also a 6″ wide painters tape which is probably a better way to go), which is the blue tape you can get at Home Depot or similar store, and wrap it backwards around your hand (so the sticky part is facing outward) several times in a manner so that your entire hand, from the tips of your fingers to your wrist, is covered with the tape.

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Plenty Of Fish ( Interests Examples

This Page is Going to Show you Examples of what to put for Interests in your Plenty of Fish Dating Profile in such a way that you Increase the Number of People who view your Dating Profile.

Plenty of Fish Interests – More Important than you Think

Interests are a list of comma separated words that are used to define, to other Plenty of Fish members, what types of things you are into and enjoy doing.

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Zicam Burning Nose? How to STOP Zicam Nasal Decongestant Burning Sensation

This Page is Going to Reveal a Simple Trick that will Stop the Burning Sensation Caused by Zicam Nasal Spray as well Make your Bottle of Zicam go Further.

Do you Get a Burning Sensation when Spraying Zicam in your Nose?

zicam nasal sprayZicam is a very powerful and effect nasal decongestant gel but one of the horrible side effects is a strong burning sensation in the nose.

A simple home remedy can drastically reduce or even completely eliminate this nasal burning.
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VB6 WebBrowser.setFocus Not Working?? Simple Fix.

This Page is Going to Show you how to Make it so that when you Move your Mouse Over the WebBrowser Control (VB6), the Control gets Focus so that you can Scroll the Browser Windows with the Mouse Wheel without having to Click the WebBrowser Control First.

WebBrowser.SetFocus Does Not Work

While developing an application in Visual Basic 6 I needed to gain control over when the web browser gets focus.
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