Copy and Paste Messages that Work?? Think Spin and Paste.

This page is going to reveal WHY Copy and Paste Messages for Plenty Of Fish Dating website are a BAD Idea and a Better Alternative to Copy and Paste Messages.

Copy and Paste Messages for POF – What is that?

Copy and Paste messages is a concept in the online dating world that was invented for the purpose of saving a guy time online.

The idea is that most guys experience the frustrating phenomenon of sending out messages to women on dating sites, like, and getting very few replies back, percentage wise. The reasons for this phenomenon is the fact that most women on dating sites are unattractive. That means the few who are attractive are getting all the emails from guys. Since they can’t and don’t want to respond to everyone, the majority of the emails these women receive get deleted, often without being read.

The idea behind copy and paste for messaging is that you can quickly send lots of women messages by simply copying a generic message to your computers clipboard and paste this same message to a lot of women much more quickly than creating a separate and unique message for each women.

WHY Copy and Paste Messages are a BAD Idea on POF

The pof dating site is on the look out for spammers. (reference page). A few of the algorithms that trigger the spammer alarm is:

  1. A member sends too many messages too fast.
  2. A member sends too many messages in one day.
  3. A member sends the same message to lots of women (copy and paste messages fall into this category).

If you use copy and paste messages, keep in mind you just MIGHT get your pof profile deleted.

Better than Copy and Paste and ALMOST as Fast

A better approach is to use a template that incorporates spin syntax. In case you don’t know what spin syntax is, its a method of arranging a sentence or paragraph where multiple alternative synonyms are used for various words and phrase. A sentence spinning software program or website will let you insert the sentence or paragraph in the spin syntax format, press a button and a relatively unique version of that sentence or paragraph is output.

Probably confusing to you so the best way to help you understand is simply follow these step by step instructions.

  1. Select and copy to clipboard the POF first message template below.
  2. Head over to this spin syntax tester and paste the message into the textbox and click the SPIN button. Every time you do that you will get a fairly unique, NOT copy and paste message that will prevent your pof profile from getting deleted for spamming.

POF First Message Template

{Hi|Hello|How are you|Hope you are {enjoying|having {a {good|positive} {time|experience}|fun {with|using}}} {POF|Plenty of Fish|{with|using} this dating site}}. {{Just |Merely |}{wanted|had|needed} to {say|shout out a} hello|Touching base|Emailing you} {because|for the {simple |}reason|due to the fact{| that}} I {really |}{liked|loved|appreciated|enjoyed|got a kick out of} your {{|dating }profile|about me {page|section}} because ### INSERT SOMETHING ABOUT THE GIRLS PROFILE THAT YOU REALLY LIKE THAT IS SOMETHING OTHER THAN HER LOOKS ### . {{Hope I|Would love to} {hear|get an email} {back |}from you|Look{|ing} forward to {chatt|talk}ing{| with you| further| some more| a bit}}.

The part that reads ### INSERT SOMETHING ABOUT THE GIRLS PROFILE THAT YOU REALLY LIKE THAT IS SOMETHING OTHER THAN HER LOOKS ### is where you actually insert something that you really like about the girls profile. This makes the email unique, and shows you actually looked at her profile for a second.

Not Quite as Fast But MUCH Better than Copy and Paste

This approach is not quite as fast as copy and paste but it still is pretty fast. You have to click a button and type on sentence (the part where you tell her what you liked about her profile).

You save your Plenty Of Fish profile from getting deleted and you increase your email reply rate because pure copy and paste does nothing whatsoever to show the girl you read her profile.

Copy and Paste sort of sounds and reads like copy and paste no matter how good it is. This approach I like to call SPIN AND PASTE. Lets see if it catches on.

How does POF ‘MEET ME’ Work?

This page is going to show you how the dating site MEET ME features works, for both the Plenty Of Fish member and behind the scenes.

POF Meet Me – How it Works for a POF Member

POF Meet Me is a feature of Plenty Of Fish that combines judging a POF members photos with letting people whose photos you like know that you are interested in them and want to meet them.

  1. You are present with a picture of a single Plenty Of Fish member that is in your age range and in your area.
  2. Above their picture is the question – Want to meet him/her? Under that are three buttons, YES  MAYBE  NO.
  3. If you don’t like their picture you select NO, if you are not sure MAYBE and if you like the way they look you click the YES button.
  4. When you click the YES button they are sent a notification from POF that you are interested in them.
  5. You are then presented with the next picture of another single member in your area/age range.
  6. This continues until you decide to stop or they run out of pictures of singles in your area.


Although POF would have you think you need to pay to upgrade to paid POF membership to see who wants to meet you, here is an web page that tells you how to get around that and find out who wants to ‘meet you’ free.

POF Meet Me – They Shy Persons Way to Say Hello

For someone who is shy and maybe does not feel 100% comfortable sending an email, Plenty Of Fish Meet Me is a great, subtle way to let someone know you like them.

A great communication combination is the people you like and click YES to, also send them an email.

The way you could do this is after clicking the YES button and the page automatically navigates to the next picture, hit the back button on your web browser and underneath their picture is the link VIEW PROFILE. Click that and send them an email.

Meet Me Hack

There is actually a software program called Plenty Of Fish Fast that does the MEET ME button clicking for you on autopilot.

Although there is no way a software program can know if you would be attracted to someone and want to click YES or not, the program works on the premise of the volume approach. Let the software run for an hour or two and hundreds of peoples profiles are clicked YES and notified you are interested in them. A certain percentage of these people will email because of your indicated interest. The ones you are not attracted to, just delete the email. The ones that email you that you ARE attracted to – bingo! Email them back.

Last word is that they are upgrading the Plenty Of Fish Fast program so that it automatically sends unique messages to Plenty Of Fish members that meet your advanced search criteria as soon as they come online. This should prove to be quite effective at filling up you inbox fast.


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