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How to CONVERT From DECIMAL to BINARY by Hand (no calculator, etc)

This page is going to show you a simple method you can use to convert a decimal number to a binary number without the use of any electronic aides such as a calculator (paper and pencil) ✎.

The Decimal and Binary Number System

The decimal number system is the one we are all use to. It is a number system where each numeric placeholder represents a digit ranging from 0 – 9. If we add 1 to the 9, in the decimal system, a 1 gets added to the number placeholder to the left and the number 9 becomes a zero, aka 9 becomes 10.

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WORDPRESS Username Can’t Be Changed‽ How to CHANGE WordPress USERNAME ✎ Step by Step

This page is going to show you how to change your username in WordPress.

There are a variety of reasons you may wish to change your username for your WordPress account. The main one is security. If a person is trying to hack into your WordPress account and they already know your username then the hacker getting in is half done, sort of.

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Edit Twenty Twelve Theme: Change Twenty Twelve Header Font Size

This page is going to show you how to easily change the header text size/h1 for your blog posts for the WordPress theme Twenty Twelve.

Changing Header Text/Font Size in Twenty Twelve

This website uses the Twenty Twelve theme and for the longest time I struggled trying to figure out how to change the header text or font size because I felt it was too small.

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This page is going to show you a very very easy way to get rid of the fake fbi virus lock screen that locks up your web browser and appears when you visit certain, shady, websites.

What is the FAKE FBI Virus?

There is actually a real virus called the FBI virus but there is also a FAKE FBI Virus. The way this works is when you visit a website (usually porn related)  a large, modal, message box will appear that says your computer has been locked because you are performing illegal activity or some such bs.

Continue reading Affiliate Tip ➲ how to Direct Link to Vendor Checkout Purchase Page

This page is going to show you a simple and important affiliate tip or skill that will allow you to create a direct link to a vendors Checkout Purchase page (bypassing the Clickbank Vendors sales page) and still make your Affiliate Commissions.

Why Bypass a Clickbank Vendors Sales Page and Link Direct to Vendor Checkout Purchase Page?

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How to Get FREE STUFF from ➲ Free Software ⌘ Free E-books

This Page Reveals How to Get Just About ANY E-book or Software Program or ANY Other Stuff on Clickbank 100% FREE OR at a Big Discount.

Free and Discount Stuff from Clickbank Thanks to ClickbankThief Software

ClickbankThief is a New software program that allows you to get any downloadable, digital item, such as software and E-books, either 100% FREE or at a discounted price.

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How to BYPASS LIKE BOX in a WEBSITE to Access Content Without Sharing

This page is going to show you how to easily and quickly get rid of and bypass a like box (facebook like box) in a website or blog to access the content they are trying block from you until you like them.

How to BYPASS LIKE BOX in a WEBSITE to Access Content Without Sharing

To me, as an owner of many blogs and websites, I find it pretty annoying when you go to a website you are eager to visit because the search engine result for that website looked really good and enticing, and when you get there, you see a rectangular box with a Facebook and Twitter share button and the text that reads …

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Google Search Query Url Syntax Hacking Explained

This page is going to show you how to manually construct a Google Search Query Url that will allow you to search Google search engine limiting your results to EXACTLY what you are looking for.

Google Search Query Url Syntax Hacking

If you perform a Google search, when you look at your web browser address bar you will see a pretty long web address with a lot of cryptic looking characters inside the address. These cryptic characters are the secret language of the search query.

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WHY is my WordPress Site SOOOOO SLOWWWWWW? Simple Tip to Double Load Speed of WordPress

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of WordPress and one of the reasons is because WordPress is so much slower than manually hosted sites but this page is going to show you a simple Trick I just discovered on how to Double your WordPress page load speed time. Works on Godaddy and other web hosts.

WORDPRESS is WHY is my WordPress Site So Slow?

The main reason WordPress is so slow is because WordPress is an all in one solution that is coded to cover all types of themes and all types of situations. The problem with this one-size-fits-all philosophy is you end up with a content management system that has way more code than you probably need.

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