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How to SEND or FORWARD IPHONE Text MESSAGES to Another Cell Phone

This page is going to show you how you can send any or all text messages from your Iphone to another cell phone. The process of sending or forwarding your IOS text messages to another mobile device or email address is very easy and very fast.

How to Send/Forward Iphone Texts

  1. From the Iphones HOME screen, tap or press the text messages icon to open up the text messaging app build into your iphone or ipad.
  2. Open up the message conversation you want want to forward or send to another mobile device.
  3. Press down and hold on one of the text messages you wish to forward or send. After a few seconds you will see an IOS pop up that gives you the option to either…
    1. Copy.
    2. Speak.
    3. More…
  4. Select MORE.
  5. Next to each of the text messages in the conversation, on the left had side you will see little circles appear next to each message.
  6. Tap on each of the circles next to each of the text messages you want to send or forward.
  7. After you have selected all the texts you want to send/forward, on the lower right side of the Iphone screen, press the Forward Arrow which looks something like this: .
  8. At the top of your Iphone screen you will see the To: field with the blinking caret in it.
  9. Enter the phone number OR email address of the person to forward the selected text messages to.
  10. You can either click the plus icon to the right of the To: field to select a stored contact or you can type in the phone number or email address of the person you want to forward the text messages to.

How to Send/Forward Iphone Texts [image instructions]

Forward Iphone Text Messages - from home screen press MESSAGES icon.


Forward Iphone Text Messages - press and hold message until pop up menu appears.

Forward Iphone Text Messages - select messages you wish to forward.

Forward Iphone Text Messages - press the send arrow to send selected texts.


Forward Iphone Text Messages - enter email or phone number to send texts to.

Other Text Message Sending/Forwarding Options

Depending upon your device/IOS, if you select more than one message to forward at the same time, all of the messages might get lumped together as one giant text message which can make it difficult to read and understand. See how to actually print out your Iphone text message to paper which will keep all of the messages separated and color coded, as they are on the phone, including the time stamps.

How to Upload Images to PC or MAC without ITUNES or Any Software

This page is going to show you how to upload/share images from your Iphone or any cell phone to your PC computer or MAC without having to install/run the memory hogging iTunes and without having to download and install any Iphone – PC or Iphone – Mac file transfer software.

Upload/Share Images to your PC or MAC from Iphone via ITUNES – NO GOOD

Most all solutions online for transferring photos from your cell phone or Iphone to your PC or Mac computer are obvious and undesirable so why these solutions are posted online I have no clue.

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STOP APPLE ITUNES UPDATE – How to Stop Annoying iTunes Update Nag for PC

If you have the Apple iTunes software installed on your PC you may have noticed the annoying update dialog that seems to appear more and more frequently and this page is going to show you how to permanently stop Apple iTunes from displaying the update nag screen forever.

Apple Itunes Update Nag Screen

More and more every day I am finding that Apple is a real pain in the ass in a lot of ways including the latest IOS 10 update that reportedly is killing peoples cell phone batteries but this particular issue we are dealing with today is the Apple Update nag screen that appears on my computer every few days asking me to update to the latest version of iTunes.

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2 BEST Unknown Web Browsers for Internet Privacy and Anonymity 100% FREE

The page is going to reveal two little known free web browsers that are the absolute, hands down, BEST web browser if internet privacy, security and anonymity are your biggest concerns as these two web browser totally protect and keep your identity secret as well as shield you from 3rd party ad trackers, cookies, and ads.

Brave Web Browser

Brave web browser is a web browser I just found out about by accident. In a nutshell, Brave strips away all the garbage from web pages and websites so that only the real content is downloaded and displayed to you.

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How to FIND ALL PDF Files on a Website or Blog

This page is going to show you how to find all pdf files on a website or blog with a few simple tricks that will expose all the .pdf files there are on a website or blog.

Why Find All PDF Files on a Website?

The most common reason this is done is when someone wishes to download a pdf product that is something that is for sale online such as a how to guide. By finding the hidden pdf files on a website or blog there is a chance you can find and download a pdf that was not meant to be given away for free.

Find All PDF Files on Website – Method #①

The first method of uncovering all the .pdf files that reside on a website involves a specialized Google search whose syntax is filetype:pdf. So for example if the website you want to find all the pdf files on is this website you would enter the following in a Google search:

  • filetype:pdf

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Amazon – WHERE is the ASK a QUESTION Button to Ask an Amazon Seller a Question?

This page is going to show you where and how you can find the Ask a Question button on that allows you to communicate with the seller before or after your purchase.

Ask a Question Button for Amazon Seller

If the product ships from and is sold by Amazon, then Amazon is the seller and you would contact them directly. Otherwise …

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to the product page that you want to ask the seller a question about.
  3. On the right side of the page look for the text that says Ships from and sold by or Sold by. Just after that text will be the name of the seller as a clickable link. Click it.
  4. On the page you are taken to you will see the Ask a Question button to the right. Click it.
  5. You can now ask the seller a question OR see if they can give you one of their products free for providing a review.

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How to Get MORE VIDEO VIEWS with your Video Upload ↺

This page is going to Reveal Numerous Ways to Increase the Numbers of Views and Visitors to your YouTube Video and how to Increase the Number of Shares and Traffic to your YouTube Channel in general.

Overall YouTube Marketing Strategy for a Video

  1. Have a specific low competition keyword phrase in mind when creating your video.
  2. Make sure you verbally state your target keyword phrase numerous times in your video. youTube now has the technology to know what you are saying in your video (otherwise, how could they provide transcriptions for your video).
  3. Make sure you name your video with the target keyword phrase in the video name. For example, if your target keyword phrase is ‘get more youtube video views’ name your video get-more-youtube-video-views.mp4, etc.

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YouTube Go Back to Previous Video ⏎ YouTube History

This page is going to show you how to go back to a previously viewed video when the browser back button does not work because the video was auto loaded via YouTube autoplay feature.

YouTube Auto Play Videos Don’t Show Up in Browser History

There are many times when I have a video running full screen while I am on my exercise elliptical. I have the auto play feature of YouTube turned on so when a video ends I don’t have to stop exercising because another related video will begin playing automatically.


The problem with this is if there is a video I want to see again, after I get off the machine, there appears to be no way to recover it because the web browser history does not store the auto played videos. Pressing the browser back button will just return me to the first video I started playing when I first started exercising.

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How to Disable or Modify ‘Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer’

This page is going to show you how you can change/edit or even completely remove the popup warning message ‘Do you want to allow the following program to make changes on your computer’ Windows gives you when you run a software program.

The ‘Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer’ Windows Message

Ever since Windows 7, Microsoft got cute with a dialog box that warns you when a software program is about to load or run.


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This page reveals you how you can turn any Computer, on your Network, on Using your Iphone.

Waking Up a Computer with Iphone Features

This Method is 100% Free. To Start up your Computer with your Iphone requires that your Computer has a couple of simple network settings in place. The actual program that does the starting up of a computer is a free app for your Iphone called Mocha WOL however there are other free apps for both Iphone and Android devices as well.

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