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How to BUY SOMETHING EMBARRASSING (like condoms) ✜ Buy it without Embarrassment

This page is going to show you a simple trick to be able to buy anything, even the most embarrassing things, and buy it without becoming embarrassed at all.

Buy Something Embarrassing Embarrassment and Guilt Free

I remember when I was in my teens, which was the 1970’s, whenever I would go into the local 7/11 to buy a Playboy magazine I would be so uncomfortable and think everyone was looking at me.


Imagine how a woman might feel going into a store to buy condoms. In fact how to buy condoms without embarrassment is a very highly searched term on search engines.

To purchase absolutely anything at all without any embarrassment whatsoever, simply get a birthday card with it so when you go to the counter they will assume you are buying the item as a gift for someone else.

I personally prefer working on your self esteem so you don’t care what anyone thinks but until then, this solution is an easy and fast way out of being the receiver of what you are purchasing.

STOP ✚ Prevent Portable CIRCULAR SAW Drag ✚ KICKBACK ⤵ Super Easy Fix

This page is going to show you an incredibly easy way to complete stop portable circular saw drag and kickback so you can cut easily and smoothly through any wood including pressure treated plywood.

How to Prevent Circular Saw Kickback

99% of the time the fix for kickback is a simple matter of adjusting the blade cutting depth. 

If you are cutting through a 1 inch thick peice of wood, set the blade cutting depth to just over 1 inch – about 1 and 1/2 inches. If you are cutting through a 3 inch thick peice of wood set the blade cutting depth to 3 and 1/2 inches.

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Milwaukee M12 Cordless Black Heated Jacket ⇨ Full Review ⇨ Worth $199?

On this page I share my experience with the purchase of the Milwaukee M12 Cordless Black Heated Jacket which includes how this heated jacket works, how well the jacket keeps you warm and how long the jacket stays warm with a full charge of the battery.

What is the Milwaukee M12 Cordless Black Heated Jacket?

The Milwaukee M12 Cordless Black Heated Jacket is a heavy duty jacket with a heater core built in that is powered by a small, rechargeable battery pack.

Details and specifications of this jacket include:

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Most Comfortable Shoe Inserts for Walking and Standing ⍟ for Pennies!

On this page I am going to reveal how to create the most comfortable inserts or insoles for your shoe for walking and standing that literally cost pennies to make.

The Secret Shoe Insert for Pennies

Carpet! I found this idea out by accident. I visit Home Depot a lot and one day my feet were hurting very badly. At the time I happened to be in the carpet isle and the idea came to me to put a carpet sample in my shoe.

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Dog Shedding? Simple Inexpensive HOME REMEDY for DOG SHEDDING

This page is going to reveal a VERY inexpensive and simple solution to remove lose and shedding hair from any dog.

Dog Shedding Home Remedy

Take thick diameter painters tape (2″ wide, although there is also a 6″ wide painters tape which is probably a better way to go), which is the blue tape you can get at Home Depot or similar store, and wrap it backwards around your hand (so the sticky part is facing outward) several times in a manner so that your entire hand, from the tips of your fingers to your wrist, is covered with the tape.

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Car Scratch? Call Your Dentist to get a Scratch Out of your Cars Finish

This page is going to show you a little know trick that is incredibly effective at getting the scratches out of your cars finish and your dentist is going to love this idea for removing scratches from your cars paint job.

Get Car Scratches Out with Whitening Toothpaste

This trick works perfectly and 90% of the time at completely removing a scratch from a cars paint job or finish as long as the scratch is not so deep that it goes all the way through, past the paint to the metal.

The reason whitening toothpaste is so effective at getting scratches out of your cars body is because whitening toothpaste has very fine scrubbing particles contained in it making whitening toothpaste almost identical to rubbing compound.

Step by Step – Get Scratches Out of your Cars Paint Job with Whitening Toothpaste

  1. Get two small rags, preferably microfiber rags.
  2. Soak one rag and then ring it out by hand as thoroughly as possible so the rag is left just damp and not wet.
  3. Place a small dab of whitening toothpaste, about the size of a pencil eraser, on the rag. (If the area of the car with the scratch is dirty rinse the area off first, otherwise you could add more scratches and make it worse).
  4. Rub the area of the car with the scratch with the rag that has the dab of toothpaste on it. Rub in small circular motions. Keep rubbing for about 10 seconds at first.
  5. Flip the rag over to expose a damp side with no toothpaste on it.
  6. Wipe the toothpaste off with the damp rag.
  7. Wipe the area again with the dry rag to completely dry the area off.
  8. Inspect the area where the scratch was. If you still see a scratch repeat all of the above steps as many times as needed. In most cases, one to three times should be enough.

Badly Scratched Car

Another Option for Getting Car Scratches Out

There is a product called Scratch-Dini which is one of those as-seen-on-tv products (but wait! order now and you will get not one but TWO bottles of Scratch-Dini!).

Personally I would give the whitening toothpaste trick a try first. This trick works 90% of the time and is much more convenient and less expensive.

Perfect Tool to CUT OPEN end of CAULKING TUBE TIP

The page is going to show you the absolute perfect tool for cutting off the tips of caulking tubes in literally one second with no effort whatsoever.

Cut Open Caulking Tube Tips at a Perfect Diameter with Absolutely NO Effort

I stumbled upon this idea purely by accident. As I had always done before, I reached into the draw to find a razor knife to cut open the tip of a caulking tube. This had always been a slight chore as the plastic tip of caulking tubes is a pretty thick and dense material so using a utility or razor knife requires a bit of back of forth sawing to do the job.

Tool to Cut Open End of Caulk Tube

As I reached into the draw, there it was, staring me in the face. Are you ready for this unlikely hack? A dog nail clipper! If you don’t have a dog and have no idea how a dog nail clipper is configured – it has an opening about 3/8″ in diameter with a sliding cutting edge on one side.

Slip this tool over the tip of a caulking tube, push down as far as you can without forcing and squeeze the handle. The tip of the caulking tube easily chops right off at the perfect diameter opening. 

No more sloppy caulk tube cuts and no more risk of cutting yourself cutting it open.

Clogged Sink Drain? Don’t Reach for the Draino – Reach for the…

This page is going to show you a simple trick for completely unclogging a kitchen or bathroom sink drain without the use of chemicals and other sink de-clogging agents.

Clogged Drain?Image of Draino with red X over it.

I recently purchased a home in Torrington CT. The bathroom sink drain was slow to empty. Not completely clogged, but close. Over the past three months I used the typical solution of a sink de-clogging agent like Draino. It would work for a little while but the sink would just become slower than molasses once again.

Finally I realized I probably was going to have to go under the sink, remove and clean out or replace the pipes under the sink. Not a huge job but still, a minor pain in the ass. The evening I realized this I was shaving and let the water keep running until the sink filled up to the top and then inspiration hit me.

If a toilet plunger is used when the toilet gets clogged, would this work for a clogged sink too?

Toilet Plunging the Sink

Image of Toilet Plunger unclogging sink.I grabbed the toilet plunger, positioned it over the sink hole and began pumping up and down like a madman for about five seconds. I removed the plunger and stepped back as I let out a laugh of amazement.

The sink began rapidly emptying with the water rushing down with the classic swirling motion so familiar with an freshly unclogged toilet.

I could not believe I never thought of this before. The inspiration for this post is that I figured I can’t be the only one who has never thought of this before.

Next time a sink drain is clogged don’t reach for the Draino – give the toilet plunger a try.

Empire Today Review – 3 stars out of 5. What is Good and Bad about Empire Today Carpet Installers

Empire Today Commercial Image.Unless you’ve been living under a rock or don’t have access to TV you’ve probably seen the Empire today commercials 1000 times in your life. Empire today carpet installer commercials are very enticing especially when they have their supposed it half off all carpet and flooring installation sale.

I guess their advertising works because recently I purchased a new home which needed carpeting so I called Empire today.

This page reveals to you step-by-step exactly what happened and what you can expect if you decide to do business with Empire today carpet installers.

Empire Today Phone Call

The first thing I did to initiate the carpet install process was make a phone call to the company. The phone number is 800-588-2300. I am in no way affiliated with Empire today. I make absolutely no commissions if you decide to have your carpet or hardwood floor installed by them.

The representative on the telephone set up an appointment to have somebody come out to me with carpet samples so I can pick a carpet. The representative showed up at his appointment time five minutes early which, quite frankly, impressed me.

Empire Today Representative Coming to my House

The first negative thing I should say about Empire today with the overall selection of carpeting was somewhat thin. Maybe the representative who came to see me, because my appointment was at the end of the day, was already tired and didn’t feel like lugging in 10 sample packs of carpeting. This I don’t know.

The representative had two books that each contained about 40 different samples of carpet. One book had the less expensive lower quality carpet. The second book had thicker, plush or, more expensive carpeting.

I picked out the carpeting in color I desired. The representative then proceeded to take about 20 minutes or so making measurements and then going back into his car to make calculations.

The total square footage of the areas I wanted carpeted was around 400 ft.², a living room, large bedroom and a closet. I was expecting a price of somewhere between $800 and $1000 give or take.

Empire Half Off Sale Scam

The price the representative gave me was two different prices:

  1. The price for the cheaper carpeting.
  2. The price for the more expensive carpeting.
Empire Today 50% off sale Commercial Image.

Don’t expect a big price break if you get your carpet installed by Empire Today. The job is great. 50% off sale?? Bullshit.

The representative gave me a price of around $3000 for the more expensive carpeting and $2200 for the cheaper carpeting. Of course with their wonderful half off sale the price came down to $1500 and change and $1100.

Unless you are getting your carpet installed in Dubai anyone can clearly see this is no deal, even at half off. I haggled with the guy for a bit and told him it was a bit expensive and if he can give me the more expensive carpet for $1200 we have a deal.

The representative supposedly called his manager or somebody in charge spoke with him for about five minutes and said they can do a price of around $1350.

I clearly, quickly, and easily saw their shuck and jive and under normal circumstances I would have told the representative to take a hike for trying to con me. Fortunately for him and his commissions I had already been working on my home for the past two months and was getting a bit weary and just wanted to get the carpet installed and get it done so I agreed to do business.

Setting the Carpet Install Appointment

The representative took out his calendar and came up with the date for the install of the carpeting. The representative also had me sign some paperwork as well as give him a 10% deposit. The way it worked Is the guys who are actually going to be installing the carpet would call me the morning of the date and let me know exactly what time they will be there, so basically, whatever you date you set for your appointment for the carpet install you have to make yourself available for most of the entire day.

Carpet Appointment Day

At 9 AM on the date set up between me and the representative, I received a call from Empire today telling me that something had come up and they couldn’t make the appointment that day but promised me they would arrive the following day. I agreed.

At 9 AM the following day I got a phone call from one of the installers telling me they will be there somewhere during the middle or late afternoon. The installers ended up arriving at 6 PM. The entire job took 2 1/2 hours.

Quality of Workmanship of the Carpet Install

When it came to the actual install of the carpet I will have to say I was extremely impressed.

Although to be honest with you this really isn’t a compliment or a high praise for Empire Today company as they merely hire subcontractors to do the install for them. That being said the installers did an incredible job that pretty much what was perfect.

Image of the Carpet in my Living Room, Installed by

Image of the Carpet in my Living Room, Installed by

Absolutely no complaints from me about the install of the carpet.

Overall Review of Empire Carpet Install

I’m in a breakdown this review into several sections and then an overall review grade.

  • Selection of Carpet: 3 stars out of 5.  ✮✮✮✰✰ (As previously mentioned the sales representative had only two books of carpet samples for a total of about 40 or so samples. The selections of colors was even thinner.)
  • Reliability, meaning keeping appointment times, etc.: 4 stars out of 5.  ✮✮✮✮✰ (The only reason not five stars at a five is because the initial appointment for the actual carpet install was canceled and changed to the next day.)
  • Price: 2 stars out of 5.  ✮✮✰✰✰ (Even the suppose it half price was a bit higher than it should have been. I am almost positive I could have gotten significantly lower prices if I’ve been more patient and more willing to shop around.)
  • Company Honesty/Integrity: 1 star out of 5.  ✮✰✰✰✰ (Their commercials making a big deal about 50% off sale is complete garbage and totally misleading. All Empire today does is double the price from what they really want so they are suppose it half price sale give them what they really want. A pretty sleazy tactic. If you’re going to advertise something as bold as 50% off you should at the very most charge average.)
  • Quality of workmanship, how good the install was: 5 stars out of 5.  ✮✮✮✮✮ As previously mentioned the workers did an awesome job and were pretty quick. Absolutely no complaints here.
  • Overall Review for EmpireToday: 3 stars out of 5.  ✮✮✮✰✰

Why You Should Call Empire Today for Carpet Install

Based upon my personal experience if the most important thing to you is a good job then you’re definitely gonna want to hire Empire today. In other words if you don’t mind paying a little extra and you don’t mind being bullshitted but you want a great job and it comes to how the carpet looks in the quality of the install then definitely call Empire today.

Why you Should NOT Call Empire Today.

If you are truly and honestly looking for a deal, a good price that is lower than most for your carpet and install, look elsewhere. I am sure if you find a local carpet installer you’re going to get a much better price.

Part of the reason why Empire today is more expensive than most is because all the levels they have to pay commissions to.

  1. Empire Today does a ton of advertising that has to be paid for.
  2. Empire today has to pay commissions to the sales representative that comes out to your home to show you carpet samples.
  3. Empire Today has to pay the guys who install the carpet for you.
  4. And last but not least, Empire today has to make a commission for themselves.

That’s four levels deep of commissions that have to be paid to people that have mouths to feed and families to take care of.

You are the one paying that final bill so don’t believe any of that 50% off garbage you see in the commercials. If a company being honest with you is important you’re definitely not gonna want to call Empire today. 50% off is a complete crock.

Other EmpireToday Reviews Online

Shortly after posting this, I did my own search for EmpireToday Review and was astonished at the giant number of horrible reviews there were for the company. I suppose if I had done this BEFORE hiring them I never would have.

Need to File Nails? Never Pay for Emery Board Again.

Sandpaper Wrapped Around Emery Board.In this post I will show you a little trick that will allow your nail filing emery board last for months and months and how to instantly change the roughness/smoothness of your emery board in seconds.

Emery board is used by millions of women daily to shape and beautify their nails. I, myself, have been using emery board to maintain my nails.

My Custom Emery Board Idea

One day when I was doing my nails and watching TV there was a piece of sandpaper laying on the ground and I had an idea. I cut the sandpaper to a height of about 3 inches and the width of about 6 inches and wrapped it around the emery board. I was very curious to see how this would work.

In short this works like a dream. One thing that always bothered me was how short the life was of emery board. Use it about 10 or 12 times and the roughness of it is gone. You have to throw out the emery board and spent another couple of bucks to replace it.

Regular Emery Board Lasts a Couple of Weeks

I always knew that companies who produce disposable products purposely made products wear out sooner than it needed to to increase sales. The sandpaper wrapped around the emery board worked beautifully at filing my nails.

What was great about this technique is I could cut out several pieces of sandpaper that were different roughness. Changing the roughness of your emery board from rougher to smoother is just a matter of changing the piece of sandpaper.

Piece of emery board next to sandpaper.

Sandpaper Wrapped Around Emery Board.

This idea worked great but I was wondering how long the sandpaper would last versus the emery board. I first discovered this trick about 2 1/2 months ago and I am still using the same piece of sandpaper to file my nails!

If you want to save serious money and have more flexibility in your nail filing emery boards give this trick a shot. I think you will be very impressed about how well this trick works and how long your “emery boards” now last.