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Simple Trick to REDUCE Daily CALORIC INTAKE by almost HALF NO DIET Change

This page is going to reveal an extremely simple yet effect method to instantly reduce your overall daily calorie intake by almost half, without feeling deprived and without changing one single thing about your diet and without having to fork over another single penny to weight watchers or any other weight loss group that does not want you to know about this.

Take this EVERY Time Before you Eat to Reduce Caloric Intake Substantially

This simple, calorie cutting, weight loss trick is this:

  • 10 – 15 minutes before every meal, take 12 ounces of water and thoroughly mix with a tablespoon of Metamucil OR any other psyllium based fiber product. This is critical. It MUST be a psyllium based fibre product.
  • Drink the entire glass immediately (within a minute or two).

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How to Tell if EGG is NO Longer GOOD º and the Egg has Gone Bad

This page is going to show a simple test How to Tell if EGG is NO Longer GOOD and the Egg has Gone Bad.

How to Tell If an Egg is No Longer Fresh and has Gone Bad

Real Easy, just take one of the eggs out of the carton and place it in a glass of cold water. Make sure the height of the water is at least 5″ high (taller than the height of the egg is you stand it on its end).

Although eggs have a good by or expiration date, the actual validity of this can vary because the temperature of peoples refrigerators can vary a bit and the date on the egg carton is an estimate. What temperatures and conditions did the egg experience when taking the trip from the farm to the grocery store?

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Intense Cough After Exercise Like Running? It’s Normal, but what you can do

This page is going to reveal why, after intense exercise, you cough (with or without phlegm).

Why you Cough After Intense Exercise or Run

An average, most people inhale and exhale at a rate of about 15 times per minute, which is about once every 4 seconds. When resting, most people breath in and out in shallow breaths as well.  When you engage in exercise that is intense enough to produced labored breathing, your respiration rate can be 2 times to as much as 3 times more than when resting and the volume of air you take in with each breath is much greater.

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PHENIBUT for Anxiety ☠ Better Sleep Review? ☤ PHENIBUT Another Fake Panecia?

This page is going to reveal my personal medical and psychological experience with a Supplement PHENIBUT – the Newest Supplement Cure All for Feelings of Inner Peace and Deeper more Restful Sleep that Could be Considered a Safe High?

What is PHENIBUT?90-capsule-500mg-phenibut-bottle-primeforce

Phenibut is a Supplement that has recently been getting almost nothing but rave reviews for its ability to alter overall mood and a sense of peace of mind.

These reviews can’t all be fake. This is what I thought so I figured I had to give Phenibut a try for myself. Wouldn’t be the first time I tried a supplement or similar to see what it will do.

Phenibut is used for anxiety, fear, trouble sleeping (insomnia), tension, stress, fatigue, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, alcoholism, and irregular heartbeat. It is also used for improving memory, learning, and thinking.

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How to SWALLOW Bigger PILLS ☤ more Easily ⓸ step Trick

Afraid of Pills Stuck in your Throat? This page is going to reveal a simple, easy, ⓷ step Trick that Make Swallowing any Size Pill or Tablet, MUCH Easier, without Choking, Gagging or getting the Pill Stuck in your Throat.

Step #⓵ to Swallowing a Pill Effortlessly

  • Drink several mouthfuls of water first. The exterior of pills are designed so that when they get wet they become slippery. By drinking several mouthfuls of water before swallowing a pill, you will help to ensure the entire pill becomes lubricated and slippery as it goes down your throat.

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How to CURE BURNT TONGUE from Hot Chocolate or Coffee Burn

This page is going to show you a very effective method of curing a Burned/Burnt Tongue from drinking Hot Chocolate or Coffee that was too hot or any hot beverage that has Burned your Tongue

I think all of us can agree burning your tongue from drinking a beverage that is too hot really really hurts and is very painful, and for some reason, if that beverage is hot chocolate or coffee, it seems to burn the tongue even worse than if it is food.

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Zicam Burning Nose? How to STOP Zicam Nasal Decongestant Burning Sensation

This Page is Going to Reveal a Simple Trick that will Stop the Burning Sensation Caused by Zicam Nasal Spray as well Make your Bottle of Zicam go Further.

Do you Get a Burning Sensation when Spraying Zicam in your Nose?

zicam nasal sprayZicam is a very powerful and effect nasal decongestant gel but one of the horrible side effects is a strong burning sensation in the nose.

A simple home remedy can drastically reduce or even completely eliminate this nasal burning.
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How To Lose Weight Fast Naturally and Permanently

This Page Is Going To Show You How To Quickly Naturally And Permanently Lose Weight And Keep The Weight Off Forever.

What Qualifies me to Provide Weight Loss Advice?

In June 2015 I purchased a house. At that time I weighed 228 pounds. I was working out hard with weights so a good bit of that was muscle but quite a bit was fat as well.

For 60 days after I purchased the house almost every day for about four or five hours a day I worked on the house to upgrade it and get it ready for moving it. This resulted in low to moderate intensity “exercise”. Tasks like painting the walls, putting in a tile floor, cleaning, etc.

The net result is I went from 228 lbs on June 30, 2015 to 200 lbs September 1, 2015. I then proceeded to drop another 10 lbs of fat over the course of the next several months.

The whole process of my losing 38 lbs was not difficult. I did not feel deprived. I did not feel like I was dieting. This page is going to show you exactly how I did this.

Take note of the before and after pictures below. I think I lost about 5 lbs just in my head LOL.

me at 228 lbs before losing weight

me at 228 lbs before losing weight

me after losing 38 lbs

me after losing 38 lbs

Step by Step how to Lose Weight Healthy, Fast, Naturally and Permanently [DIET]

You do NOT have to make drastic changes in your diet to lose weight. In fact you don’t have to reduce the volume of what you eat at all. When it comes to diet and what you eat, as far as weight loss is concerned, the trick is not to change how much you eat but to make substitutions in what you eat. For example…

  1. Do you drink milk? Change that to low-fat or skim milk.
  2. Do you use ground beef in recipes? Change that to ground chicken or ground turkey.
  3. What do you usually drink with your meals? Change it to water which has 0 calories.

If all you do is make substitutions like these that alone will result in significant weight loss without exercising.

  1. Take out a piece of paper and a pen and write down a list of everything you eat.
  2. Examine every single food item and think of how you could make more healthful substitutions that will still be delicious and satisfying.

The shocking truth about dieting for weight loss is you don’t have to change how much you eat in the least. The trick is substitutions.

Make Fruit your Best Friend

If you really like eating sweets and junk food then I am going to show you how to prepare fruit in a manner that will be just as satisfying as junk food if not more so.

Make a giant fruit salad (to last all week) consisting of the following:

  • Pineapple.
  • Banana.
  • Strawberries.
  • Blueberries.

Chop each of the ingredients into bite size pieces and mix. Top the whole salad off with either strawberry or chocolate syrup. YES the syrup is a high calorie un-necessity but the trick here is to make the fruit salad so tasty and satisfying that you will never miss junk food again. The extra hundred or so calories added by the syrup is far less than the calories of the junk food you use to eat.

Make Saturday Special

One of my weight loss secrets is I reserve one day of the week (Saturday) to give myself permission to eat absolutely anything I want in whatever quantity I desire.

On Saturdays and Saturday nights I’ll eat steak, Ben & Jerry’s, chocolate, cookies. Because I do this only one out of every seven days, it does not have a major, long-term, negative impact on my overall weight loss progress.

Psychologically, this Saturday proves extremely helpful because I don’t feel like I’m giving up eating crappy foods. That one day a week is my vacation from my healthy weight loss and diet and that one day a week vacation makes all the difference in the world in maintaining my exercise and diet regime the other six days.

Step by Step how to Lose Weight Healthy, Fast, Naturally and Permanently [EXERCISE]

While it is possible to lose weight naturally and quickly and permanently without exercise your results will be much more exceptional with exercise.

The good news is that when it comes to exercise you don’t have to kill yourself for weight loss. It’s a proven fact that low to moderate intensity exercise is the most effective way to burn body fat. This means whatever type of exercise you do, do it to the point where you’re getting a little bit out of breath but not a lot.

If your exercise intensity get you out of breath to the point where you can’t hold a comfortable conversation with somebody you’re working too hard.

Low to moderate intensity exercise levels causes the body to use fat for energy versus other possible energy sources.

What TYPE of Exercise to do for Permanent Weight Loss

The type of exercise you should engage in for your weight loss campaign should be fun exercise. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you’re moving your body to the point where you’re getting a little bit out of breath it will be effective exercise for permanent natural weight loss.

By making that exercise something that is fun will ensure that it’s something you stick to for the rest your life. For example in my case I spent two months working on my house to improve it and upgrade it. To me it was not work or exercise. This was my house I was making a better. This made it extremely fun and rewarding. The weight loss turned out to be a side benefit.

It is extremely important that whatever exercise you select it something that is fun to you and something you enjoy. Pick something that you would do just for the fun of it even if you didn’t lose any weight doing it.

It is going to be up to you to do some soul-searching to determine what that is for you. Maybe every day you go to a beautiful park somewhere and take a fast walk for 30 minutes.

In my case, after I lost the first 28 lbs, I purchased a Gold’s gym elliptical machine and I get on that for 25 minutes a day four days a week. I purchased the machine at Wal Mart for just over $300 – a very good investment.

The principle of substitutions, previously discussed when it comes to diet, can also be applied to exercise.

For example if you normally take the elevator take the stairs. When you are walking, walk fast. Just as with diet substitutions, substitutions like this can and DO make a huge difference without having to put forth a lot of extra effort.

Secret Weight Loss Trick

Just before having a meal drink 12 – 16 oz of water with Metamucil fiber mixed in. You want the kind of fiber that absorbs water and expands. This pre-meal drink will make you feel partially full before even beginning the meal!

Buy New Pants

The biggest key to the success in anything in life including weight loss is passionate commitment. Passionate commitment is an attitude that can be verbalized like so – “I am going to lose X amount of pounds in the next 60 days and nothing and no one is going to stop me!!”.

What does this have to do with buying new pants? Go to a clothing store and buy a whole new wardrobe that will be the right size for the person you will be once you’ve accomplished your goal. In other words when you purchase your new outfit right now it is going to be too small but when you reach your goal you’re going fit into this new outfit perfectly.

Hang this new outfit somewhere that you’re going to see it every single day like in your bathroom for example or maybe by the front door so every time you leave your house you will see it.

This will serve as a subconscious reminder of who you are going to soon be. Every time you see that new outfit imagine what it will be like being the person with the new body that will fit into that new outfit perfectly.

Imagine how you’re going to look in that new outfit. Imagine how you are going to feel walking around strutting your new body in that hot new outfit.

This will also serve as a test to your commitment. Does the thought of purchasing this new outfit cause any feelings of negativity because “what if I don’t lose the weight? Then I will have wasted my money on that outfit.” If that kind of thought is floating around in your head it means you are not ready. You have not made the commitment and this is the first and most crucial step for success.

Keeping it Simple: The Weight Loss Formula

It amazes me to no end the vast amounts of wealth created around the topic that is so simple.

People like Jillian Michaels and Richard Simmons have created multi-million dollar fortunes by complicating something that is so simple a three-year-old can understand it.

You may have heard the saying “eat less, move more” as a simple, easy to remember weight loss motto. That is inaccurate.

Eat Healthier, move more.

Think of your Body as a Savings Account

Think of weight loss as a savings account at a bank. If you put more money into your account than you take out what happens? Your savings account will grow and get bigger.

If you take out more money than you’re putting in what happens? Your savings account will shrink in size.

When we are dealing with weight loss food is money. Eating is putting money in the savings account. Moving your body takes money out of the account.

Losing Weight Naturally

No matter how much weight you want to lose and no matter how fast you want to lose it don’t ever resort to pills to accomplish the task.

The reason why is, first off, almost all weight-loss pills don’t work and are a complete scam. If you happen to find a weight loss pill that does work and you use that to lose weight not only is it not healthy but once you stop taking that pill you’re just going to put the weight right back on.

At best using a pill to lose weight is ineffective and short-term.

Losing Weight Fast

If you want to lose weight faster then DO NOT starve yourself.

Not healthy and not the PERMANENT way to do it. To increase the speed with which you lose weight increase the volume of exercise. So if you spend 30 minutes a day playing tennis for your weight loss exercise then change that to 60 or 90 minutes.

Starving yourself can actually make it harder for you to lose weight because if you are under eating it can trigger a survival mechanism in your body where you body thinks it is starving. This will cause the brain to send the message to the body to slow down the bodies metabolism.

As I previously mentioned in the diet part of the weight loss, don’t reduce the AMOUNT you eat but make healthy, lower calorie substitutions instead.

Final Thoughts on Natural, Permanent and Fast Weight Loss

Losing weight is NOT difficult. It is certainly not as difficult is Jillian Michaels would like you to believe. As a matter of fact making the recommended changes to your diet and exercise are actually extremely fun and rewarding. If you have never lost weight before then I can tell you from experience there is no better feeling then grabbing the bull by the horns, making and sticking to some healthy lifestyle changes, and looking in the mirror and seeing the results.

Once you have succeeded and reached your weight loss goals you will feel empowered knowing that at any time in life you can make a decision, take action, and take complete control of your future and destiny.

Get excited. Your life is about to change in one of the most rewarding and healthy ways possible!!

Review Body Solid GLGS100 Corner Leverage Gym Review

This page reveals full details of and Review of the Body Solid GLGS100 Corner Leverage Gym which is a free weight, plate loaded, home gym costing between $750 – $1,000 (the Body Solid GLGS100 Corner Leverage Gym WITHOUT the Bench).

What is the Body Solid GLGS100 Corner Leverage Gym?

The Body Solid GLGS100 Corner Leverage Gym is a self standing, plate loaded, home gym/workout machine that allows you to perform most all free weight type exercises and work all body parts with heavy weights.

Body Solid GLGS100 Corner Leverage Gym Construction

The Body Solid GLGS100 is made of solid steel with a 3″ – 4″ tubular design. The machine, onceBody Solid GLGS100 Thumbnail fully assembled, weights about 150 lbs. The construction and design of the GLGS100 is very strong, stable, solid and safe, capable of handling large amounts of free weights.

The pulleys that are part of this home gym are very solid and of good quality. The resistance on the negative portion of exercises provides good resistance for both the positive and negative portions of the movement.

The Body Solid GLGS100 size or footprint is 83″ height x 67″ width x 69″ long. The machine is fairly compact and will fit in most any room. The machine is rated to handle up to 600 lbs of weights.

What Comes with the Body Solid GLGS100 Corner Leverage Gym

The Body Solid GLGS100 machine comes with several gym quality attachments including:

  • Lat pull down bar.
  • Straight, 12″ triceps press down bar.
  • Single one arm cable.
  • Squat bar.

Although advertised as a four station workout center, the Body Solid GLGS100 machine is really three workout stations in one:

Body Solid GLGS100 Corner Leverage Gym

  1. Lat bar: This allows you to perform all kinds of pull down movements including lat pull downs and triceps presses.
  2. Press bar: This bar weights about 25 lb to 30 lb before adding any weights. This bar allows you to perform numerous pressing exercises including decline, flat and incline bench press, military presses and shrugs. Attach the squat bar to perform thigh squats. Put the press bar in the highest position and you can perform body weight chin ups.
  3. Low cable: This allows you to perform exercises like one or two arm cable curls and seated cable row.

Body Solid GLGS100 Corner Leverage Gym Price

Prices vary widely depending upon where you look. The Body Solid GLGS100 comes in two varieties:

  1. With a bench.
  2. Without a bench.

The one I purchased was the one without the bench. Price ranges from between $749 to as much as $1,000. The unit with the bench is about $250 and I saved some money buy purchasing the Bowflex Select Tech 3.1 on Amazon which cost $160. A very stable and solid bench.

How I Purchased the Body Solid GLGS100 Corner Leverage Gym for $722.

Body Solid GLGS100 Corner Leverage Gym Search on Ebay

I went to and put in the search box Body Solid GLGS100 Corner Leverage Gym. I saw the seller Gymbasiscom has the lowest price of $749. When I looked at the listing I noticed a Make Offer button which told me they were willing to negotiate. I offered $700 and they countered with $722 which was my final buying price.

If you want to help support me and this blog you can purchase directly via this link to the , get the machine for the discounted price and put a few dollars commission in my pocket at the same time. Thank you in advance. By the way, this has absolutely NO impact on my review of this home workout machine.

Body Solid GLGS100 Corner Leverage Gym Listing from Ebay Seller Gymbasiscom

My Overal Review of the Body Solid GLGS100 Corner Leverage Gym

I was very hesitant to buy this machine simply because there was nowhere I could go to try it out first and as far as returns – forget it. Although there is a satisfaction guarantee can you see yourself taking the whole thing apart, putting it back in the box, lugging the 150 lb package to a shipping outfit?? Although $750 or so is not a LOT of money it is not chump change for most people either.

I went ahead and took the plunge and I am glad I did. It is well worth the $722 and then some.

What I Did NOT Like About the Body Solid GLGS100 Corner Leverage Gym

My only complaint is not about the machine but a couple of hiccups by the ebay seller himself. His communication was not great. I would have appreciated some communications from him in the form of, the items is going out tomorrow, the item has shipped, its on its way – etc.

I had to initiate any communications myself by contacting the seller. The seller also failed to notify me that I needed to call the shipping company before they send the item out to make sure I am there and I can sign for the item. I was lucky I decided to go to the shippers website and accidentally found this out for myself.

I chewed the seller out pretty good on his lack of communication and I think he won’t make that mistake again. The item arrived about one week after ordered from Ebay and came in two boxes. Obviously there is some assembly required which took me about three or four hours to complete.

Overall I am very pleased with the Body Solid GLGS100 workout machine and am very happy I decided to purchase. Well worth the money. If you have read any of my other reviews for other products you will see I am not a pushover when it comes to handing out good reviews so you can trust this product will satisfy even the most serious workout enthusiast or bodybuilder.

Heartburn Sufferers! Don’t Get Ripped Off. $25 for 300 20mg Omeprazole.

This post is going to reveal why you are totally being ripped off when you purchase heartburn medicine (Omeprazole) from the store and how and where you can get 500 Omeprazole capsules for just $25.

Where to Get 500 20mg Omeprazole for $25.

Ebay – Go to Ebay and type in the search box Omeprazole. You can buy it in various quantities from 100 up to 1000. You are looking for the Omeprazole listing that shows the item is from India. This is how you can get it at such a low price. Omeprazole is the exact same active ingredient/drug found in Prilosec.

Prilosec and generic medicines with Omeprazole that you purchase at your local drug stores, Wal Mart, etc. cost more than 10 times that price!

List of Omeprazole Discount Prices

Here is a list of the various prices of the different quantities of Omeprazole at All of these prices of for the 20mg Omeprazole:

  • 200 capsules: $8.
  • 400 capsules: $16.
  • 500 capsules: $25.
  • 800 capsules: $32.
  • 1000 capsules: $40.

This comes out to an average price of 4 cents per pill!

Compare this to the price Prilosec at Wal Mart:

  • 28 capsules: $16.
  • 42 capsules: $25.

This is an average price of .59 cents per pill. That is more than 10 times what you pay for Omeprazole from India at Ebay.

Government Lie about Medicines

The government and various sources will have you believe that medicines you get in any other manner than from the United States are dangerous and this is a complete lie!

I know this for a fact because I have been getting my prescription medicines from an Indian company ProgressiveRX for years now with no problems and the medicines work fine like they are suppose to.

This is not to say there are not dangerous overseas companies that sell medicines but various sources would have you believe that the ONLY way to get safe meds is through a US doctor and US pharmacies and this is complete crap.

The reason you are being lied to about this is because of the incredible amount of money the government gets, directly and indirectly, from the giant prescription medical outfits like Procter and Gamble, Major Pharmaceuticals, and other giant corporations.

Indian Health Care

So if drugs from India can’t be trusted what to the residents of India do when they get sick? Do they fly to the United States LOL. Visit and type in “Omeprazole”. Notice the image below of this search and you will see that hundreds have sold. Notice the TOP RATED SELLER next to the Indian Omeprazole listings as well.

I have purchased from this person for two years now with no problems and the Omeprazole works perfectly the way it should – no heartburn. Of course having to pay $20 for 36 tablets – that is enough to give you heartburn.

I guess all the people from India are dropping dead because of the medicines they get over there??

Image of Omeprazole search on