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Want to message someone on Tinder dating without matching? This page is going to show you a unique trick that will allow you to start conversing with someone on Tinder without matching first.

Message on Tinder without Matching or being Matched?

On Tinder dating, you can only message someone if you like their profile and they liked your profile back. I guess the idea behind this is to prevent members of Tinder from being stalked or harassed. Still, it will be nice to be able to start talking with someone from Tinder without being matched first.

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Best Selling, Most Popular, Online Piano Lessons for Adults

Interested in learning piano online? You are not alone. Learning Piano Online via Online Piano Lessons for Adults is one of the most People Online Searches because Piano Lessons Online can be performed when it is convenient for you and is MUCH cheaper and easier than having to drive somewhere for Piano Lessons.

Advantages of Piano Lessons Online

While traveling to a persons home or a music center to learn how to play the piano is great because you interact one on one with the piano teacher right there and nothing beats that however …

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STOP APPLE ITUNES UPDATE – How to Stop Annoying iTunes Update Nag for PC

If you have the Apple iTunes software installed on your PC you may have noticed the annoying update dialog that seems to appear more and more frequently and this page is going to show you how to permanently stop Apple iTunes from displaying the update nag screen forever.

Apple Itunes Update Nag Screen

More and more every day I am finding that Apple is a real pain in the ass in a lot of ways including the latest IOS 10 update that reportedly is killing peoples cell phone batteries but this particular issue we are dealing with today is the Apple Update nag screen that appears on my computer every few days asking me to update to the latest version of iTunes.

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2 BEST Unknown Web Browsers for Internet Privacy and Anonymity 100% FREE

The page is going to reveal two little known free web browsers that are the absolute, hands down, BEST web browser if internet privacy, security and anonymity are your biggest concerns as these two web browser totally protect and keep your identity secret as well as shield you from 3rd party ad trackers, cookies, and ads.

Brave Web Browser

Brave web browser is a web browser I just found out about by accident. In a nutshell, Brave strips away all the garbage from web pages and websites so that only the real content is downloaded and displayed to you.

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How to FIND ALL PDF Files on a Website or Blog

This page is going to show you how to find all pdf files on a website or blog with a few simple tricks that will expose all the .pdf files there are on a website or blog.

Why Find All PDF Files on a Website?

The most common reason this is done is when someone wishes to download a pdf product that is something that is for sale online such as a how to guide. By finding the hidden pdf files on a website or blog there is a chance you can find and download a pdf that was not meant to be given away for free.

Find All PDF Files on Website – Method #①

The first method of uncovering all the .pdf files that reside on a website involves a specialized Google search whose syntax is filetype:pdf. So for example if the website you want to find all the pdf files on is this website you would enter the following in a Google search:

  • filetype:pdf

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Amazon – WHERE is the ASK a QUESTION Button to Ask an Amazon Seller a Question?

This page is going to show you where and how you can find the Ask a Question button on that allows you to communicate with the seller before or after your purchase.

Ask a Question Button for Amazon Seller

If the product ships from and is sold by Amazon, then Amazon is the seller and you would contact them directly. Otherwise …

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to the product page that you want to ask the seller a question about.
  3. On the right side of the page look for the text that says Ships from and sold by or Sold by. Just after that text will be the name of the seller as a clickable link. Click it.
  4. On the page you are taken to you will see the Ask a Question button to the right. Click it.
  5. You can now ask the seller a question OR see if they can give you one of their products free for providing a review.

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How to Get FREE Stuff on by Writing Reviews

This page is going to show you a simple method on how to get free stuff on Amazon shopping website by offering to write reviews of amazon products, which basically means you get lots of free stuff on Amazon for simply writing a paragraph or two telling your thoughts and opinions of the free products they send you.

Customer Reviews – the Core of

I am a regular shopper on If you have not noticed, pretty much every single product on Amazon has reviews by people who have purchased the products. Although most online reviews are bogus, MOST of Amazon reviews are legit.

Whenever I buy anything on Amazon I ALWAYS check the selection to only show me products with 4 out of 5 review stars or greater. Almost everyone who shops on Amazon pays attention to the reviews.

To the people selling products on Amazon, the review is one of the most important elements to sellers making sales on Amazon. This is where you will come in.

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How to ELIMINATE CONTACT FORM SPAM – (don’t stop contact form spam bots – stop contact forms)

The page is going to show you an incredibly simple way to completely eliminate contact form spam altogether by not having a contact form but still provide just as easy ways for you website visitors to contact you without having to have a contact form.

Contact Form Spam is a HUGE Problem for Website Owners

You probably already know what contact form spam is but in case you don’t it is when rude a-holes who make the internet suck use software programs whose sole job is to find contact pages on websites and post their advertising garbage via the contact form which is meant for real website visitors who have genuine questions or interests for the website or blog owner.

First off I Can’t Believe their is any Level of Success with this method of advertising. The usual contact form spam products include:

  • Viagra or other male enhancement garbage.
  • Something related to gambling online.
  • Sales of website optimization and search engine ranking services. This one really makes me laugh because these people are spamming you about how great they are at SEO but yet they can’t get their own websites search engine optimized enough so they get enough traffic from search engine searchers so they have to spam website owners via their contact forms.

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This page is going to show you how you can get a good idea of how popular a keyword phrase is on video share and upload site so you can get a general idea of how many views and how much traffic there might be to your YouTube video upload for a specific keyword phrase.

YouTube Traffic Volume Estimator Tools Online

The first thing I want to share and get out of the way is this fact:

There is NO WAY ANYONE or any website can tell you the EXACT number of searches any keyword phrase gets on

Any website or person who says you can is either lying or just plain mistaken. YouTube is owned by Google and there is no way they are going to reveal this information to anyone. Sorry. Not possible, no way, no how.

You CAN get a GENERAL idea of the overall popularity of a keyword phrase on YouTube, enough so that you can make a decision regarding whether creating and upload a video about a specific topic or keyword phrase is worth your time and effort.

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I will rank you 1st in Google, GUARANTEED first page rankings?? BS!

This page is going to provide my 8 years experience with internet marketing and SEO to warn you about your interest in hiring a website or company who promises to provide you with guarantee page #1 Google rankings for your website/keywords.

I will rank you 1st in Google, GUARANTEED first page rankings??

Sorry. Not possible. Not that getting your website on the first page of Google for specific keyword phrases is not possible. But that one word is the key ‘possible’. Absolutely no way in the world anyone can guarantee that and be honest, unless, they work for the search department of Google.

Why is Guaranteed Google #1 Rankings not Possible?

Because where your website ends up in search results is totally up to Google and unless the person making this guarantee owns Google or has them in their back pocket, politically speaking …

Google is constantly refining and updating their search engine algorithm. Daily. This means that whatever the SEO firm does to give you this supposed page #1 ranking, even if it works today, how about tomorrow.

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