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Brand New YouTube Auto Complete Keyword Scraper Software

This page is going to reveal a brand new software program coming out that harvests YouTube long tail keyword phrases by scraping the YouTube auto complete to the tune of hundreds of long tail YouTube keywords in a matter of seconds.

YouTube Auto Complete Keyword Scraper

YouTube Auto Complete Keyword Scraper is a software program that completely takes the hassles and expense of scraping long tail, auto complete, keyword phrases from YouTube. It is the YouTube keyword tool alternative for people who want a YouTube keywords software without having to pay $40 or more, which is what most YouTube keywords software program usually cost.

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How to OPTIMIZE a URL for SEO ⏎

This page is going to show you how to properly optimize a url (the web address of a web page) for search engine optimization to help improve the page rank and search result positioning of a web page or blog post.

Url Optimization for SEO

Optimization the url or web address of a web page or blog post is a pretty simple process and involves these couple of rules:

  1. Have the words of the keyword phrase you are targeting for a blog post/web page be in the pages url. For example, this page is targeting the keyword phrase how to optimize a url for SEO. The name of this page is how-to-optimize-a-url-for-seo
  2. Make sure each word that makes up the url is seperated by a dash . Again, refer to the name of THIS page for example.

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This page is going to show you how you can get a good idea of how popular a keyword phrase is on video share and upload site so you can get a general idea of how many views and how much traffic there might be to your YouTube video upload for a specific keyword phrase.

YouTube Traffic Volume Estimator Tools Online

The first thing I want to share and get out of the way is this fact:

There is NO WAY ANYONE or any website can tell you the EXACT number of searches any keyword phrase gets on

Any website or person who says you can is either lying or just plain mistaken. YouTube is owned by Google and there is no way they are going to reveal this information to anyone. Sorry. Not possible, no way, no how.

You CAN get a GENERAL idea of the overall popularity of a keyword phrase on YouTube, enough so that you can make a decision regarding whether creating and upload a video about a specific topic or keyword phrase is worth your time and effort.

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Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Software not Working?

This page is going to reveal why Long Tail Pro Keyword Research software may have stopped working and what to do to fix the Long Tail Pro software.

Why Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Program is not Working

The reason Long Tail Pro software my have recently broke and stopped producing keyword phrases is because Long Tail Pro relies on the Google API and Google has been making some changes to their keyword statistics API interface.

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SEO Secrets 2016 Full Step by Step 100% FREE!

This page is going to show you EVERYTHING you need to know to get your website of blog loved by the search engines which I have applied to this website which has only a couple hundred pages yet gets 500+ visitors per day and growing.

SEO Lies

One thing that astounds me is the endless supply of supposed online experts that are going to tell you everything you need to know to get thousands of visitors a day to your website and make tons of money online yes they’re going to charge you for it that’s for sure.

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This page is going to show you the different ways and places you can add keywords and key phrases to your LinkedIn profile which will boost SEO and make your LinkedIn profile more easily found by searchers.

How to Add Keyword Phrases to your LinkedIn Profile

linkedin-logo-with-the-word-keywords-over-itAdding keywords and keyword phrases to your LinkedIn profile is a matter of taking advantage and any and all placed in your LinkedIn profile that you can make text edits within your Linked profile.

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