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Intense Cough After Exercise Like Running? It’s Normal, but what you can do

This page is going to reveal why, after intense exercise, you cough (with or without phlegm).

Why you Cough After Intense Exercise or Run

An average, most people inhale and exhale at a rate of about 15 times per minute, which is about once every 4 seconds. When resting, most people breath in and out in shallow breaths as well.  When you engage in exercise that is intense enough to produced labored breathing, your respiration rate can be 2 times to as much as 3 times more than when resting and the volume of air you take in with each breath is much greater.

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Federal Income Tax Is there a LAW or Isn’t there a LAW?

This page is going to reveal some thoughts about the federal income tax an attempt to settle the debate on the issue of if there is a law that the average United States citizen is required to pay taxes on his labor.

If there is NO Law for US Citizens to Pay Federal Tax on their Labor Income …

People who are sure that there is a federal income tax site the public structures that are in place as proof:


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Handy Heater Customer Review ≞ Does Handy Heater REALLY Heat?

This page is going to provide in depth information regarding Handy Heater, an as-seen-on-TV lightweight, small, portable heater advertised to be able to heat a room up to 250 square feet.

What is Handy Heater?

Handy Heater is a very small (6″ high, 4″ wide, 4″ deep) and light (about 1/2 pound) portable, personal heater unit that plugs directly into any wall outlet. This portable heater is advertised to be able to heat a room up to 250 square feet in size. The biggest selling point of the Handy Heater is the space saving design allowed by its very small size and light weight. Handy Heater comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

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How to SWALLOW Bigger PILLS ☤ more Easily ⓸ step Trick

Afraid of Pills Stuck in your Throat? This page is going to reveal a simple, easy, ⓷ step Trick that Make Swallowing any Size Pill or Tablet, MUCH Easier, without Choking, Gagging or getting the Pill Stuck in your Throat.

Step #⓵ to Swallowing a Pill Effortlessly

  • Drink several mouthfuls of water first. The exterior of pills are designed so that when they get wet they become slippery. By drinking several mouthfuls of water before swallowing a pill, you will help to ensure the entire pill becomes lubricated and slippery as it goes down your throat.

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How to Test your Website for Adsense Policy Violations

This page is going to show you how to protect your Adsense account good standing with a very simple way to tell if any of the pages on your blog or website are/may be in violation of Adsense content policies.

Stop the Dreaded Ad Serving has Been Disabled Adsense Message

There are numerous rules and policy guidelines that Adsense enforces on all websites and blog that display their ad units. A good general rule of thumb is this:

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Google Adwords Help Phone Number – Most Countries Adwords Phone Numbers

This page is going to provide a list of Official Phone Numbers, from numerous Countries, for Help with your Google Adwords Account.

Google Adwords Help Phone Numbers by Country

Here is a list of all the different Google Adwords help phone numbers for most countries around the world.

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Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Software not Working?

This page is going to reveal why Long Tail Pro Keyword Research software may have stopped working and what to do to fix the Long Tail Pro software.

Why Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Program is not Working

The reason Long Tail Pro software my have recently broke and stopped producing keyword phrases is because Long Tail Pro relies on the Google API and Google has been making some changes to their keyword statistics API interface.

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Milwaukee M12 Cordless Black Heated Jacket ⇨ Full Review ⇨ Worth $199?

On this page I share my experience with the purchase of the Milwaukee M12 Cordless Black Heated Jacket which includes how this heated jacket works, how well the jacket keeps you warm and how long the jacket stays warm with a full charge of the battery.

What is the Milwaukee M12 Cordless Black Heated Jacket?

The Milwaukee M12 Cordless Black Heated Jacket is a heavy duty jacket with a heater core built in that is powered by a small, rechargeable battery pack.

Details and specifications of this jacket include:

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Lucas Octane Booster Test Results

This page is going to reveal my personal experience with several top brands of Octane Booster, including the clear winner, Lucas Octane Booster.

Octane Booster Test Results

This post is based upon my personal experience with several well known octane booster additives including:

  1. Royal Purple octane Booster: approximately $14 for 16 oz.
  2. 104 Octane Booster: approximately $6 for 16 oz.
  3. Torco Octane Booster: approximately $23 for 32 oz (which calculates to $11.50 for 16 oz.)
  4. Cam2 Octane Booster: approximately $22 for a 12 pack, each 12 oz. (which calculates to $2.50 for 16 oz.).
  5. Lucas Octane Booster: approximately $9.50 for 15 oz. (which calculates to $10 for 16 oz.)

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Zicam Burning Nose? How to STOP Zicam Nasal Decongestant Burning Sensation

This Page is Going to Reveal a Simple Trick that will Stop the Burning Sensation Caused by Zicam Nasal Spray as well Make your Bottle of Zicam go Further.

Do you Get a Burning Sensation when Spraying Zicam in your Nose?

zicam nasal sprayZicam is a very powerful and effect nasal decongestant gel but one of the horrible side effects is a strong burning sensation in the nose.

A simple home remedy can drastically reduce or even completely eliminate this nasal burning.
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