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I will rank you 1st in Google, GUARANTEED first page rankings?? BS!

This page is going to provide my 8 years experience with internet marketing and SEO to warn you about your interest in hiring a website or company who promises to provide you with guarantee page #1 Google rankings for your website/keywords.

I will rank you 1st in Google, GUARANTEED first page rankings??

Sorry. Not possible. Not that getting your website on the first page of Google for specific keyword phrases is not possible. But that one word is the key ‘possible’. Absolutely no way in the world anyone can guarantee that and be honest, unless, they work for the search department of Google.

Why is Guaranteed Google #1 Rankings not Possible?

Because where your website ends up in search results is totally up to Google and unless the person making this guarantee owns Google or has them in their back pocket, politically speaking …

Google is constantly refining and updating their search engine algorithm. Daily. This means that whatever the SEO firm does to give you this supposed page #1 ranking, even if it works today, how about tomorrow.

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Federal Income Tax Is there a LAW or Isn’t there a LAW?

This page is going to reveal some thoughts about the federal income tax an attempt to settle the debate on the issue of if there is a law that the average United States citizen is required to pay taxes on his labor.

If there is NO Law for US Citizens to Pay Federal Tax on their Labor Income …

People who are sure that there is a federal income tax site the public structures that are in place as proof:


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This page is going to show you a very very easy way to get rid of the fake fbi virus lock screen that locks up your web browser and appears when you visit certain, shady, websites.

What is the FAKE FBI Virus?

There is actually a real virus called the FBI virus but there is also a FAKE FBI Virus. The way this works is when you visit a website (usually porn related)  a large, modal, message box will appear that says your computer has been locked because you are performing illegal activity or some such bs.

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This page is going to reveal the shocking truth about one of the most high profile paid dating websites online. and the proof that I have that numerous dating profiles on their dating website are totally 100% FAKE Dating Profiles!

I Joined Dec 21 2016

I actually joined the dating, not so much to meet someone, but a person who purchased one of my dating software programs from the ScrapersNbots website wanted me to create a custom software program for him to get lots more dates on

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How to Tell if PLENTY OF FISH PROFILE is FAKE or Not ₪ Spot a FAKE PROFILE Easy

This page is going to show you a simple trick that may reveal if a profile, or a dating profile on any dating site, is a fake dating profile.

Why Fake POF Profiles?

The reason people create fake profiles on Plenty Of Fish dating, or any dating website, is to trick you out of your money. Every once in a while there may be another reason but generally these types of scams are run by people in Nigeria and other places.

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Heartburn Sufferers! Don’t Get Ripped Off. $25 for 300 20mg Omeprazole.

This post is going to reveal why you are totally being ripped off when you purchase heartburn medicine (Omeprazole) from the store and how and where you can get 500 Omeprazole capsules for just $25.

Where to Get 500 20mg Omeprazole for $25.

Ebay – Go to Ebay and type in the search box Omeprazole. You can buy it in various quantities from 100 up to 1000. You are looking for the Omeprazole listing that shows the item is from India. This is how you can get it at such a low price. Omeprazole is the exact same active ingredient/drug found in Prilosec.

Prilosec and generic medicines with Omeprazole that you purchase at your local drug stores, Wal Mart, etc. cost more than 10 times that price!

List of Omeprazole Discount Prices

Here is a list of the various prices of the different quantities of Omeprazole at All of these prices of for the 20mg Omeprazole:

  • 200 capsules: $8.
  • 400 capsules: $16.
  • 500 capsules: $25.
  • 800 capsules: $32.
  • 1000 capsules: $40.

This comes out to an average price of 4 cents per pill!

Compare this to the price Prilosec at Wal Mart:

  • 28 capsules: $16.
  • 42 capsules: $25.

This is an average price of .59 cents per pill. That is more than 10 times what you pay for Omeprazole from India at Ebay.

Government Lie about Medicines

The government and various sources will have you believe that medicines you get in any other manner than from the United States are dangerous and this is a complete lie!

I know this for a fact because I have been getting my prescription medicines from an Indian company ProgressiveRX for years now with no problems and the medicines work fine like they are suppose to.

This is not to say there are not dangerous overseas companies that sell medicines but various sources would have you believe that the ONLY way to get safe meds is through a US doctor and US pharmacies and this is complete crap.

The reason you are being lied to about this is because of the incredible amount of money the government gets, directly and indirectly, from the giant prescription medical outfits like Procter and Gamble, Major Pharmaceuticals, and other giant corporations.

Indian Health Care

So if drugs from India can’t be trusted what to the residents of India do when they get sick? Do they fly to the United States LOL. Visit and type in “Omeprazole”. Notice the image below of this search and you will see that hundreds have sold. Notice the TOP RATED SELLER next to the Indian Omeprazole listings as well.

I have purchased from this person for two years now with no problems and the Omeprazole works perfectly the way it should – no heartburn. Of course having to pay $20 for 36 tablets – that is enough to give you heartburn.

I guess all the people from India are dropping dead because of the medicines they get over there??

Image of Omeprazole search on


This page is going to show you how to easily report email spam to some powerful anti-spam, governmental, agencies by, simply forwarding the spam email, that will cause both the email spammers and the websites they advertise in their spam emails to be shut down.

Reporting Email Spam

For personal email I have a Yahoo email account. There is the regular inbox and the spam inbox. Yahoo is fairly effective at sorting email properly so most of the time the spam emails are in the spam folder.

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