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9 SEO Tips for Unconventional Niches From Semalt

There is a big dose of competition in the field of SEO, just search for “SEO” or “content marketing” and you will see millions of results and this includes businesses and people fighting for a shot at visibility. The advantage of serving an unconventional or unique niche is you will have less competition but you will have a smaller audience and resources to help you become successful. What does it take to become successful in unique niches and improve chances of SEO success?

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Brand New YouTube Auto Complete Keyword Scraper Software

This page is going to reveal a brand new software program coming out that harvests YouTube long tail keyword phrases by scraping the YouTube auto complete to the tune of hundreds of long tail YouTube keywords in a matter of seconds.

YouTube Auto Complete Keyword Scraper

YouTube Auto Complete Keyword Scraper is a software program that completely takes the hassles and expense of scraping long tail, auto complete, keyword phrases from YouTube. It is the YouTube keyword tool alternative for people who want a YouTube keywords software without having to pay $40 or more, which is what most YouTube keywords software program usually cost.

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How to OPTIMIZE a URL for SEO ⏎

This page is going to show you how to properly optimize a url (the web address of a web page) for search engine optimization to help improve the page rank and search result positioning of a web page or blog post.

Url Optimization for SEO

Optimization the url or web address of a web page or blog post is a pretty simple process and involves these couple of rules:

  1. Have the words of the keyword phrase you are targeting for a blog post/web page be in the pages url. For example, this page is targeting the keyword phrase how to optimize a url for SEO. The name of this page is how-to-optimize-a-url-for-seo
  2. Make sure each word that makes up the url is seperated by a dash . Again, refer to the name of THIS page for example.

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How to Get MORE VIDEO VIEWS with your Video Upload ↺

This page is going to Reveal Numerous Ways to Increase the Numbers of Views and Visitors to your YouTube Video and how to Increase the Number of Shares and Traffic to your YouTube Channel in general.

Overall YouTube Marketing Strategy for a Video

  1. Have a specific low competition keyword phrase in mind when creating your video.
  2. Make sure you verbally state your target keyword phrase numerous times in your video. youTube now has the technology to know what you are saying in your video (otherwise, how could they provide transcriptions for your video).
  3. Make sure you name your video with the target keyword phrase in the video name. For example, if your target keyword phrase is ‘get more youtube video views’ name your video get-more-youtube-video-views.mp4, etc.

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How Much Does it COST to REGISTER a TLD ⋰top level domain name⋱

This page is going to reveal the true honest price that a top level domain costs per year.

What is a Top Level Domain

Before we proceed we want to ensure you understand the meaning of top level domain. Some think top level domains one of the more popular domains, ie, .com, .net, .org.

This is NOT the definition of a top level domain.

A top level domain refers to the part of the last label or part of a fully qualified domain name or the part of the domain name that comes right after the www.blablabla.

For example, in the domain name, the top-level domain is com. In the top level domain is net. Top level domain has nothing to do with the popularity of the domain name, so basically when asking how much does it cost to register a top level domain what you are really asking is how much does it cost to registers a domain (top level is redundant).

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How to Test your Website for Adsense Policy Violations

This page is going to show you how to protect your Adsense account good standing with a very simple way to tell if any of the pages on your blog or website are/may be in violation of Adsense content policies.

Stop the Dreaded Ad Serving has Been Disabled Adsense Message

There are numerous rules and policy guidelines that Adsense enforces on all websites and blog that display their ad units. A good general rule of thumb is this:

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SEO Secrets 2016 Full Step by Step 100% FREE!

This page is going to show you EVERYTHING you need to know to get your website of blog loved by the search engines which I have applied to this website which has only a couple hundred pages yet gets 500+ visitors per day and growing.

SEO Lies

One thing that astounds me is the endless supply of supposed online experts that are going to tell you everything you need to know to get thousands of visitors a day to your website and make tons of money online yes they’re going to charge you for it that’s for sure.

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This page is going to show you how to use popular content reverse engineering website 100% Free without ever having to sign up for a buzzsumo account.

What is BuzzSumo?

Buzzsumo is a website for website or blog owners interested in learning which topics and/or keyword phrases are hot via reverse engineering and content analysis.

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This page is going to show you the different ways and places you can add keywords and key phrases to your LinkedIn profile which will boost SEO and make your LinkedIn profile more easily found by searchers.

How to Add Keyword Phrases to your LinkedIn Profile

linkedin-logo-with-the-word-keywords-over-itAdding keywords and keyword phrases to your LinkedIn profile is a matter of taking advantage and any and all placed in your LinkedIn profile that you can make text edits within your Linked profile.

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This Page Is Going To Show You How To Find The Right Keywords For, Including How To Find Which Keyword Phrase Are Most Likely To Land Your Video On The First Page Of Search Results And Which Youtube Keywords Have Little To No Keyword Competition.

Step by Step – How to Find the Right Keywords for YouTube Video

If you are hoping to upload a video to and have that video show up on the first page of search engine results so you get the most traffic possible to your video is not difficult to do but there are some important steps you must following to significantly increase your chances of a high ranking video on YouTube. It is called YouTube SEO.

  1. Find keywords that are ‘YouTube keywords’.  more info.
  2. Find which youtube keywords have the lowest possible video competition on YouTube.  more info.
  3. Include tags/keywords used by a YouTube video that is already ranking the highest for that keyword phrase.  more info.
  4. Automate and speed up this entire process of steps #1 – #3 so the research takes minutes and not hours. more info.

 What are YouTube Keywords?

What do I mean by YOUTUBE KEYWORDS? Remember, a search engine has one goal in mind: provide its searchers with the most relevant and best quality results.

If someone was to search for  ‘irs form 1040′, how much sense does a video make?? Chances are a person performing that search is looking for the actual form. I don’t care how many videos you make on this subject and how good they are a video is never going appear on the first page of search results.

However if someone performs a search for ‘video of how to fry an egg’, there is a really good chance this search will result in videos being displayed on the first page. See the difference between a youtube keyword and a keyword that is NOT a youtube keyword.

Google Search for German Shepherd Puppy Training Displays YouTube Video Results

Referencing the above image, the keyword phrase ‘how to train German Shepherd puppy’ IS a YouTube keyword because the search for that keyword phrase does show at least one YouTube video.

Google Search for IRS Form 1040 does NOT Display Any YouTube Video Results

Understandably, the search for ‘irs form 1040′ is NOT a YouTube keyword phrase as there are no YouTube videos appearing on the first page of a search for that keyword.


How do I Know a Keyword is a YouTube Keyword

The easiest and best way to do this is perform a search for the keyword phrase and see if there is at least one youtube video being displayed on the first page of search results for that keyword phrase.

If there is already at least one YouTube video showing on the first page of search results it means the search engine obviously feels that keyword phrase is video worthy.

You want to find the keyword phrases that have at least one video on the first page of searches but no more than 3 videos.

If there are already 4 or more videos then the chances of the search engine putting your YouTube video on the first page of search results are much lower because that search phrase is already saturated with video results although I have seen keyword phrases that resulted in the entire first page of search results being nothing but YouTube videos but that is rare.

➁ Find the Lowest Competition Video Keywords for YouTube

Once you have determined that a keyword phrase is a YouTube keyword phrase the next step is to check the competition on YouTube for the keyword phrase. It makes no sense to target a keyword phrase that already has hundreds or even dozens of videos already optimized for that keyword phrase.

The way to check the YouTube competition is do a search for your desired keyword phrase on YouTube and take note of two things:

  1. How many of the first 20 (first page results) videos have your exact keyword phrase in the title and description.
  2. If your keyword phrase shows very few or no videos that contain the exact keyword phrase in the title, how many of the 20 videos still seems to produce very relevant content, based upon reading the title.

If there are very few or no videos on YouTube that have the exact keyword phrase in the title and description it is going to be much easier to outrank BUT if the videos still contain very relevant and related information, this is something to take into account.

➂ Get YouTube Tags/Keywords for High Ranking Video

You know the phrase about copying or duplicating success. Use the same tags/keyword that are being used by a couple of the top videos for a keyword phrase and include these keyword phrases/tags in your videos description along with your main YouTube keyword phrase too and you significantly increase the odds your video will appear high up in YouTube results AND on the first page of search results.

The main secret to post videos to YouTube that will rank highly in both YouTube and search results is to find keyword phrases that have very few or no videos that are optimized for that keyword phrase. This will make it so that YouTube and search engines have NO CHOICE but to show your video near or at the top spot.

➃ Automate and Speed Up Steps #1 – #3

The way to automate the entire process of finding these low competition, ripe, YouTube keywords involves the use of software specifically designed for this task.

  • Video Marketing Blaster: [ ] Price: $57 one time. This program performs and automates three YouTube marketing tasks:
    1. Find Untapped Keywords: Video Marketing Blaster will suggest long tail keywords and related keywords for your main niche which you can easily exploit.
    2. Analyze You Competition: Identify all weak points in competitor videos and automatically exploit them.
    3. Post Your Video with the Right Meta Data: Video Marketing Blaster generates your titles/description/tags stuffed with phrases that contain the best keywords for your niche.
  • Viral YouTube Soft: [ ] Price: $27 one time.  This is a YouTube software program that is actually three software programs built into one:
    1. Find YouTube Keywords: this program takes a list of your keyword phrases and one by one searches each of these keyword phrases to see which ones are YouTube Keywords (there is at least one YouTube video showing on the first page of search results for the keyword phrase). This program highlights in green the keyword phrases that are YouTube keywords. At any time you can right click the program to copy all the YouTube keywords to clipboard.
    2. Check Competition: take the list of YouTube keywords (the ones found with the previous software/step, or any keyword phrases you wish) and see how many other videos there are on that are optimized for each YouTube keyword phrase. The idea here is to find the cherry keyword phrases that have little and even no competition for the keyword phrase.
    3. View Competition: this program allows you to take any of the keyword phrases that are YouTube keyword phrases that have little to no competition on YouTube and do a birds eye analysis of the top 20 YouTube videos that come up when searching for that keyword phrase. You can see how many average daily views each of the 20 videos get. This is useful if you wish to post comments on YouTube videos for traffic or back links. Simply target the videos that are getting the most daily views. Depending upon the keyword phrase you can quickly and easily find videos that get hundreds and even thousands of views daily.  You can also right click any of the videos in the list and get that videos tags/keywords instantly. You can also select multiple videos at the same time and get all of those videos keywords just as fast and easily. The information about these top 20 videos can be output as a report as well.
  • Tube Toolbox: [ ] Recurring fees which vary from $10 per month. This software program takes the approach of marketing to other YouTube members and does this by performing two tasks:
    1.  Find people on YouTube who you believe would be interested in your YouTube Channel or Video. The idea here is you can target your marketing efforts to other YouTube members that somehow would complement what you have to offer.
    2. Use Tube Toolbox built in tools to automation tools to contact the people you gathered from the previous step. You do this by having Tube Toolbox send Messages, Share Videos, Subscribe to Channels and post Comments. This will bring people to your Channel and Videos ultimately increasing your video views and exposure on YouTube.

A Word About Video Quality

With all the focus an talk on the subject of finding the right YouTube keywords I figured I should mention that you must not forget about your videos quality.

You can do everything right with keyword research, find the best keyword phrases that have 0 competition but if your video is garbage, either because the actual video viewing quality is low or the content of the video is worthless, you might get all the traffic in the world, briefly, but it will not take long for YouTube to determine that everybody is clicking the back button 5 seconds after arriving at your videos.

YouTube does have the technology these days to use these and other, similar, visitor behavior stats to determine the ranking of your videos.

Follow these simple tips for quality videos:

  1. Make videos that include your voice/narration. The fact that YouTube can auto transcribe your videos is proof that YouTube knows what you are saying in the video. If your video is nothing but screen images and background music then you are not taking advantage of your words as part of the ranking factor of a video. Be sure to include your main YouTube keyword phrase in the narration at least a few times.
  2. Try to make your videos High Definition Videos. After shooting the video, whether with your phone or a video recorder, transfer the video to your computers hard drive. Open the video in a video editing program like BB Flash or Sony Vegas and save the video at the highest quality possible. If YouTube has to choose between two videos which are exact identical videos but one of them is high definition and the other is not YouTube and Google will rank high definition video higher.