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Brand New YouTube Auto Complete Keyword Scraper Software

This page is going to reveal a brand new software program coming out that harvests YouTube long tail keyword phrases by scraping the YouTube auto complete to the tune of hundreds of long tail YouTube keywords in a matter of seconds.

YouTube Auto Complete Keyword Scraper

YouTube Auto Complete Keyword Scraper is a software program that completely takes the hassles and expense of scraping long tail, auto complete, keyword phrases from YouTube. It is the YouTube keyword tool alternative for people who want a YouTube keywords software without having to pay $40 or more, which is what most YouTube keywords software program usually cost.

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Web Form Spam ♆ how to Get Even with Contact Form Spammers ✚ Other Spammers

This page is going to reveal a brand new software program coming out that will allow you to get even with contact form spammers and the affiliate websites they promote.

Contact Web Form Spam

Contact form spam is when unscrupulous affiliate marketers find contact forms on websites and fill the form out with an advertisement for a product along with a link to the product website. 

Contact form spammers are usually affiliate marketers (sometimes they are the owner of the website selling the product they are spamming but it is usually affiliate marketers that do this) oftentimes employ software programs called bots.

These bots run on their own. The function of these bots is to crawl the web for websites, usually websites whose content niche are similar to the product they are spamming about, find the websites contact form, fill out and submit the form. The owner of the website will get an email in their inbox that contains to content of the web spam message.

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Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Software not Working?

This page is going to reveal why Long Tail Pro Keyword Research software may have stopped working and what to do to fix the Long Tail Pro software.

Why Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Program is not Working

The reason Long Tail Pro software my have recently broke and stopped producing keyword phrases is because Long Tail Pro relies on the Google API and Google has been making some changes to their keyword statistics API interface.

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How to Get FREE STUFF from ➲ Free Software ⌘ Free E-books

This Page Reveals How to Get Just About ANY E-book or Software Program or ANY Other Stuff on Clickbank 100% FREE OR at a Big Discount.

Free and Discount Stuff from Clickbank Thanks to ClickbankThief Software

ClickbankThief is a New software program that allows you to get any downloadable, digital item, such as software and E-books, either 100% FREE or at a discounted price.

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Plenty Of Fish Email Checker Program

This page is going to reveal a new, software program called POF Email Checker that checks your inbox, as often as you specify, and notifies you, via a sound, when you get new email on Plenty Of Fish dating.

POF Email Checker

Pof Email Checker is a very small, simple and easy to use software program that does not even have to be installed to your computer. Download the zip file, unzip it and double click to run it.

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How to Download ALL the LINKS on a Web Page in Google Chrome

This page is going to show you ways you can easily and quickly download ALL of the links that are on any web page if you are visiting these web pages in Google Chrome web browser.

How to Download ALL LInks on a Page [Chome]

  • Link Klipper is a simple Google Chrome extension which lets you extract and download all the links on a web page and export them to a file on your computer. No more need to right click each individual link to copy to clipboard but get them all in one shot.How to use Link Klipper:
    1. Press and hold the left mouse button down and drag the mouse to create a selection rectangle that surrounds all the page links you wish to download.
    2. Right click the mouse.
    3. Move your mouse over the LinkKIipper menu item which will make a sub menu appear that allows you to download all the links or select options for this Chrome extension.
    4. This extension allows you to:
      1. Extract all the links on the webpage-
      2. Store all the extracted links as a .csv or .txt file.
      3. Use your mouse to drag a rectangle around the part of the web page where you wish to extract/download all links.

        This extension for Chrome gets mostly all 5 star reviews from users.

        Link Clipper Chrome Extension Page.

        LinkKlipper Right Click Menu

Other Extensions for Downloading Links in Chrome?

Unfortunately there are not many other effective options for saving/download all of a pages links. There were a couple of other link download extensions for Chrome but when we installed and tested them they did not seem to work reliably and had serious bugs or flaws. In other words, anything we tried, other than LinkKlipper, was more of a pain in the ass than it was worth.

There were other Chrome extensions that did other things to links, such as opening them all in a new tab, but not download or save them.

Fortunately LinkClipper works quite well so if you are looking to download all the links on a web page this Chrome extension does the trick.


How to Find Hidden Software on your Computer

This page is going to show you how you may be able to find ‘hidden’ software programs on your computer you did not know you had.

Hidden Software on my Computer?

Yes, chances are there are software programs on your computer you did not know you had. When I say hidden software I don’t mean the malicious type, as in software that is purposely hiding itself on your computer but software you did not know about or forgot about. It is a good idea to search for and find/discover these hidden software programs/files for one of two reasons:

  1. They might be cool software programs that you would want to use.
  2. If they are not cool software programs then you should remove them from your computer to free up space.

How is it Possible I Have Software I did not Know About on my PC?

  1. Depending upon how old your computer is, you could have installed software a while back and completely forgot about it. The whole reason for this post is while searching for another software program I stumbled into all the others I did not know about and/or just plain forgot about and I thought this would be a cool little tip my readers would appreciate.
  2. Many times a software vendor will include free related software during the install process. Quite often, when installing a software program the install process will install related utilities/software without really telling you. For example when I installed Photo Impact Pro photo image editing software the software install also placed several other related software programs such as an animated gif creation program and a program called photomorph, on my computer as well, that I was unaware of.

Step by Step Instructions for Finding Hidden Software on your Computer

  1. Launch control panel by clicking Windows Start button. You should see the icon for control panel on the Start menu. Alternatively press the Windows Key (has the Windows logo on it) and the R key at the same time. In the dialog box that appears type control panel.
    Image of how to start control panel in Windows.
  2. In control panel click on Programs and Features. This will launch the complete list of all software programs installed on your computer. Scroll through them from top to bottom. When you find a program you don’t remember or recognize click the Start button and in the search box begin typing the name of the software. When it appears in the start menu you can right click it and select Open File Location to go to the folder where the software program is or click properties to find out more.
    Image of control panel Programs and Features.
  3. If the software programs you find are of no interest to you it is recommended you remove them to free up system resources.

This in not exactly some super sexy unknown hacking trick but a lot of people are not super computer users like me. Some people have never navigated to Programs and Features for as long as they have owned their computer and for these people this PC tip just might be categorized as cool shit in your memory warehouse.

Image of start menu showing begin typing software name to make it appear on the start menu.


This page is going to show you how to see every single page of any website including being able to see pages the website owner does not want you to see.

There are two methods to find and view all of a sites pages and both of these methods are 100% free and easy to do.

What Seeing All a Websites Pages can Reveal

Being able to find and view any and all the pages that make up a website can be very interesting and entertaining and very useful as well.

  • Seeing all the pages that make up a website allows you to get a birds eye view of that website. This pulled back view allows you to find pages on a web site you didn’t know existed and would not be able to find or view other wise.
  • Many times website owners create web pages with the intention of keeping the page private. This is done by inserting a special directive in the header of the web page called the noindex, nofollow directive. This directive is a request to search engines to not show that page in search results. I am going to show you how you can even view these private pages of a website.
  • You can even use this technique to get free stuff like E-books and software.

Method #1 to View All Pages of a Website – Sitemap Maker

A sitemap maker is a program that crawls all the web pages of a website and list those pages in a text file (.txt) or xml (.xml) file.

Website owners create sitemap files of their website on a regular basis to ensure search engines have an updated list of all the pages that make up their website.

Xml-Sitemaps-Generator website crawl getting a list of all its pages.

There are online sitemap makers such as Go to that site and enter the url of the website you want to find all the pages for. When the creation of the sitemap is complete you will be re-directed to a page where you can download, in a variety of formats, the list of pages that make up the website.

Sitemap creation complete. The list of all pages that make up a website can be downloaded in a variety of formats.

Click in the sitemap.html file to download it. Go to where you downloaded the file and double click it to launch it in your default browser.

What a sitemap.html file looks like.

The only downside to this method of finding all pages on a website is sitemap makers honor a website owners noindex, nofollow requests which means this method will not reveal hidden files and pages of a website. To view these pages…

Method #2 to View All Pages of a Website – Web Crawler Simple

Web Crawler Simple is a free software program that crawls and lists all the pages of any website and Web Crawler Simple DOES NOT honor noindex, nofollow requests. This means that even pages the web site owner does not want to appear in search engine searches will show up in the list of websites pages.

Free Web Crawler Software will find and reveal ALL pages of a site include web pages the site owner would prefer be hidden.

Using this free web crawling software is simple:

  1. Insert the web address/url of the website you wish to crawl/find all pages.
  2. Press the Crawl button.
  3. When the crawl of the site is complete double clicking any url in the list will launch that page in your default web browser.

Doesn’t get much simpler than that.  Here is the Web Crawler Simple download link. The Free Web Crawler Simple software is actually part of a suite of software programs that normally is not free but the Web Crawler Simple software is 100% free with no limits or restrictions.

Using Web Crawler Simple to get Free E-books and Software

Chances are, software or E-books that a website is selling will be found on a page that has that noindex nofollow directive. This is because the website owner does not want the general public to be able to find the download pages to things the website owner is selling.

Because Web Crawler Simple ignores the noindex nofollow and displays these pages as well quite often use of this software will reveal goldmine pages that have the direct download links to stuff other people have to pay for!

How to Change Your IP Address in Windows Fast in One Second

This page is going to show you how to change your computers IP address in literally, one second (as fast as you can click a mouse) using a software program called Windows Instant IP Change.

Windows Instant IP Change Software Review

I had the privilege of downloading and testing this software so I can see if it is worth downloading and using and I can honestly say this program works very well at changing your Windows computer IP address.

Windows Instant IP Change is a software program that contains a list of dozens fresh, updated, proxy servers (IP Addresses) from around the world. Theses IP Addresses are sorted in speed order with the fastest proxy servers at the top. You can change your IP address an unlimited number of times by simply double clicking any of the IP/proxy servers in the list and immediately your IP address is changed to that new IP/location.

Image of Windows Instant IP Change fast ip changing software for Windows computers.

Video of Windows Instant IP Change

This is a commercial about this software and it does a good job of showing more about the software and how it works to change you IP address and protect your privacy online.

My observations and thoughts about this IP Changing Software:

  • Most of the proxy servers the program grabs online and displays work and are fairly fast. Once in a while the proxy servers that are marked as being fast or extremely fast are actually slow and some of the time proxy servers marked as slow are quite fast so the speed designation assigned to each proxy server is usually on target but once in a while is off and inaccurate.
  • The most pleasing thing about this program is it is so simple to run and use. Everything is quite self explanatory and direct. You get proxy servers. You double click any of the proxy servers to instantly change your computers IP address to the new one.
  • There are no limitations or restrictions within the software. As a test, to try to break the software, as rapidly as I could I kept double clicking different IP/proxy servers and as fast as I could double click the software kept up and change my PC IP address each time.
  • The built in IP address check was a nice convenience. This allowed me to check my IP address and see more specific details such as where the current IP/proxy is located on a map. This is the location that websites would THINK I was coming from.
  • When the software is minimized to the system tray, right clicking the system tray brings up a menu of all the proxy servers in the software main window so I can change my IP address right from the system tray.
  • A nice and convenient feature is the Keep on Top ticbox which, when checked, makes the software float on top of all other windows even if the program loses mouse or keyboard focus.
  • There were absolutely no bugs, glitches or errors within the software. When I used it, it never crashed or hung or anything like that.

Window Instant IP Change Features

This Windows IP Changing software program features a simple, no learning curve, interface that is comprised of the main window where proxy server/IP addresses are stored and four menu items: File, Proxies, IP Address, Menu.

  • File Menu:
    • Minimize to tray – to hide the program as a tiny icon in the system tray. Double clicking the tray icon brings the IP changer back to visible.
      Windows Instant IP Change software FIle menu.
  • Proxies Menu:
    • Load Saved Proxy List: If you have previously used the software, you can save the proxy servers in the list to re load and use later.
    • Grab Fresh Proxy List: makes the software go out on the internet and grab 35 – 40 fresh, working, proxy servers/IP addresses. Very fast. Takes about 5 seconds.
    • Stop Using Proxy Server: if you are running your computer through one of the proxy servers, this causes the program to immediately make a direct connection with the internet again.
    • Add 1,000 Proxy Servers: takes you to a page where you can purchase a separate software program that scrapes high volume of proxy servers from the net. Probably not necessary for most users as Windows Instant IP Change already gives you well of 50+ proxy servers.
      Windows Instant IP Change software Proxies menu.
  • IP Address Menu:
    • Check: Allows you to instantly check or confirm your computers IP from 5 different online sources.
      Windows Instant Proxy Change IP Address Menu.
  • Help Menu:
    • How to Use: takes you to a web page with step by step instructions for using the software. Sort of redundant as use of the software is pretty self explanatory and not a challenge at all.
    • Windows Instant IP Change Website: takes you directly to the software website.
    • Contact Us/Report Problem: if you have any questions about the software at all or have any question about changing your IP address this menu item leads to a help form you can fill out to get assistance.
      Windows Instant IP Change Help Menu.

Windows Instant IP Change Guarantee

The software comes with an unconditional 30 money back guarantee. I seriously doubt a single person has ever asked for a guarantee for the software because it works and there are no issues or problems in any way.

Where to Get/Download Windows Instant IP Change

You can get Windows Instant IP Change from the manufacturers website, which is Windows Fast IP Changer, for a one time cost of $27 however we have developed a partnership with the software company and can actually offer you the software through a special discount link at Windows Instant IP Change. It is the same exact software just re-branded, name-wise, so as to be able to offer it for you for just a $19 one time change instead of the $27 if you were to purchase it at the Windows Fast IP Changer website.

Overall Review and Thoughts of Windows Instant IP Change

Highly recommended. The software works and there are no bugs or problems. What more could you possible ask for in and IP Changing Proxy Server software?