Clogged Shaving Razor? Trick to Blast Hair, Gunk and Shaving Cream from Clogged Razor

This page is going to reveal a very simple and effective trick to quickly (one second) blast all the clogged hair and shaving cream from a razor blade which is much quicker and more effective than attempting to clean out the hair and shaving cream from a razor with just running water.

Blast Away Hair and Shaving Cream from a Shaving Razor

One of the most annoying things about shaving, for me anyways, is when I try to clean out the hair and shaving cream or soap and other gunk that accumulates within the blades after several strokes of the razor quite often, I have to worker harder than should to get the sinks running water to do a good job cleaning out this debris.

Image of Razor Blade Clogged with Hair and Shaving Cream.

One day, recently, while shaving, my genius brain hit me with this tip and I instantly knew it was something that had to be posted here.

Use a can of compressed air, like the ones used to blast away the dust from a computers fans. After several strokes from the razor, when the razor is now clogged with your hair and the shaving cream …

  1. Run the blade under the running water for just a second to help soften up the clogged hair and shaving cream.
  2. Place the nozzle of the can of compressed air right near the shaving razor blades and give the razor a quick one second blast.
  3. Run the water once more through the blade to clean out anything left over.

While the end result, a baby smooth, stubble free face (or legs for some people) is quite enjoyable, with the frustration of a clogged razor out of the way I can enjoy a good, close shave even more.