Most Comfortable Shoe Inserts for Walking and Standing ⍟ for Pennies!

On this page I am going to reveal how to create the most comfortable inserts or insoles for your shoe for walking and standing that literally cost pennies to make.

The Secret Shoe Insert for Pennies

Carpet! I found this idea out by accident. I visit Home Depot a lot and one day my feet were hurting very badly. At the time I happened to be in the carpet isle and the idea came to me to put a carpet sample in my shoe.

The free carpet samples measure 4″ x 4″. I inserted one into each shoe and pushed it back to the heel of the shoe because my heel is what was hurting the most. When I put my shoe back on the feeling was amazing!

This little trick made my feet feel like I was walking on a plush, luxurious, carpet where ever I went! I loved it!!

I then realized an even better solution was to cut out a piece of carpeting that was the shape of my shoe. That way I would be getting the comfortable plush feeling on my entire foot and not just the heel of my foot.

These custom shoe inserts can be used in any shoe, men’s or women’s shoe, including work boots or even high heels. Might look a little funny when you take off your shoe but who will know? These insoles/inserts put the Dr Scholls shoe inserts to shame, when it comes to comfort and price.

Text Instructions ☳ How to Make your Own Custom Shoe Insole Insert from Carpet

  1. $Buy a cheap, but plush, 3′ x 5′ area rug from Home Depot or Wal Mart for about $20. A piece of carpet this size will allow you to make about 25 – 30 pairs of custom inserts which comes to less than a dollar a pair.
  2. Cut out a rectangle from the carpet that measures, length-wise, just a bit shorter than the length of the shoe and a bit shorter, width-wise, than the wide of your shoe. For most people that is about 10″ x 4″. I find a good pair of tin snips cuts right through the carpet like very easily.
  3. Cut each of the four corners so you end up with a very rounded rectangle.
  4. Insert one into each shoe.

For this tip to work the absolute best for foot comfort, it is a good idea to get shoes that are just a little bit too big for you, about one half a shoe size. The carpet will take up the extra space resulting in a perfect, totally comfortable, fit.

Image Instructions ☒ How to Make your Own Custom Shoe Insole Insert from Carpet

① Purchase cheap carpet roll from Home Depot or Wal Mart.

Step #1 to make shoe insole/insert - buy cheap area rug from home depot or wal mart

② Cut out rectangle shape from carpet a little smaller than the size of your shoe.

Step #2 to make shoe insole/insert - cut out rectangle shape slightly smaller than the length and width of your shoe.

③ Cut rounded off shape from corners of carpet so the custom shoe insert fits snug and comfortable.

Step #3 to make shoe insole/insert - cut out a rounded shape from the corners of the carpet so it fits into shoe snuggle.