Dental Floss Pick Alert ➭(almost) Never Buy Dental Floss Picks Again

How to make your Floss Picks Last Forever

This trick is so simple, that if you have not thought of it already, when I tell you it your going to slap yourself and wonder why you never thought of this before.

  1. Take a small Tupperware container or very small glass (something that holds about 3 – 6 oz of liquid) and fill it about half way up with mouthwash.
  2. After you have flossed, rinse the floss part of the dental floss pick under the water.
  3. Place the dental floss pick, floss side down, into the vessel of mouthwash and leave it there until next time you use it.

This simple trick will allow you to safely and cleanly use that same dental floss pick over and over again numerous times. In fact, you can keep using the same one, over and over, until the time comes when the floss breaks from repeated use.

I find I am able to keep using the same floss pick for a week or more. This means a pack of 75 dental floss picks should last you 75 weeks or longer!