2 BEST Unknown Web Browsers for Internet Privacy and Anonymity 100% FREE

The page is going to reveal two little known free web browsers that are the absolute, hands down, BEST web browser if internet privacy, security and anonymity are your biggest concerns as these two web browser totally protect and keep your identity secret as well as shield you from 3rd party ad trackers, cookies, and ads.

Brave Web Browser

Brave web browser is a web browser I just found out about by accident. In a nutshell, Brave strips away all the garbage from web pages and websites so that only the real content is downloaded and displayed to you.

What do I mean by real content?

You would be amazed and astounded as well as angered if you had any idea of just how much of what you download from a web site/web page is actually not necessary and is only there to serve the website owner or the advertisers displaying ads on these web sites.

I am referring to scripts, cookies and other tracking information. These unneeded scripts and files comprise more than 50% of the download of most web pages at most websites. In other words, by using Brave web browser, you will see web pages load as much as twice as fast as before.

Brave browser is unique in that, unlike most other privacy slanted browsers like Tor, Brave web browser actually does not slow down your internet browsing much if at all.

Ways Brave Browser Protects you Online

Brave web browser has numerous privacy settings and options to keep your web browsing to yourself.

Brave web browser has numerous privacy settings and options to keep your web browsing to yourself.

  • Brave blocks web trackers and ads that can slow you down on the web. Blocking these garbage files from downloading to the Brave web browser means the page fully loads more quickly.
  • Brave shields you from 3rd party tracking and malvertisements which mean malicious or privacy intrusive advertisements.
  • Brave integrates HTTPS Everywhere into every Brave browser to make sure you are always moving your bits across the safest possible pipe. https means the data leaving your is encrypted so even if a snoop can see your data (not very likely if you are using Brave web browser), it will be nothing but garbled gibberish.

Download Brave

Brave is available for:

  • WIndows.
  • Mac.
  • Android.
  • IOS.
  • Linux.

TOR Web Browser

Tor web browsers technology was developed by the U.S. Naval Research Lab and D.A.R.P.A. The Tor Project non-profit receives donations from various federal entities such as The National Science Foundation.

While Tor does anonymize your internet surfing it does not encrypt the data is sends and receives so while Tor, out of the box, makes creating a much higher level of internet browsing security possible by simply downloading Tor and running it, if you are looking to do something darker than just hide yourself online you are going to want to use a VPN as well.

One great thing about installing Tor is there really is no install or set up file which means you can just click the Tor.exe program right after you download Tor and unzip so you don’t get a bunch of related files scattered across your hard drive.

How Tor Works

Diagram showing how Tor routes your internet connection through numerous hubs, each hub hop anonymizes you further.

Diagram showing how Tor routes your internet connection through numerous hubs, each hub hop anonymizes you further.

Tor works by connecting you to website and other online resources through a series of numerous virtual tunnels, other Tor users, instead of a a direct connection to the internet, allowing both organizations and individuals to share information over public networks while maintaining privacy.

Types of Things TOR Blocks or Hides

Tor protects you against a growing and now common form of Internet surveillance known as traffic analysis. Google is infamous for this. Traffic analysis snooping is used to alter and customize what you see when visiting websites, namely, internet ads.

I am sure you have had the experience of, perhaps, looking for a particular car for sale online and then, for the next several weeks, or even months, you suddenly notice websites have all kinds of ads for car sales and dealerships? This is the most common form of internet surveillance Tor protects your from. You can thank cookies and scripts for the breach of this type of privacy.

How Secure and Effective is Tor for Privacy

If you are a regular internet surfer who wants to take back their browsing and internet privacy, Tor does the trick. Probably the most impressive thing about Tor is it automatically, in the background, configures TONS of complicated settings that would be a nightmare if you tried doing the same on your own.

What is Bad About Tor Web Browser

The biggest reported issue or problem related to Tor is the slowing down of internet surfing. This is because the internet data your computer sends and receives while connected to the Tor network is routed through many different computers and each machine your internet connection has to go through is another data transfer bottleneck.

There is not much you can do to bypass this issues but if your web browser seems a bit slower than your use to with Tor, just remember the slower internet connection means your privacy is protected and Tor is working.

Download Tor

Effective Use of TOR Tips

Directly from the Tor website are several tips to follow to make sure Tor is working as effectively as it should be to shield you online:

  1. Don’t Torrent with Tor. Torrent file sharing applications often times ignore or bypass proxy configurations negating the positive aspects of Tor privacy.
  2. No Browser Plug Ins or Add Ons: installing additional addons or plugins into Tor Browser   may cause your internet traffic to bypass Tor which can harm your anonymity and privacy.
  3. Don’t Open any Documents or Files you Download through Tor: for example, you can download a PDF file with your privacy completely intact but if you open these documents while still connected to the internet, these documents can contain Internet resources that will be downloaded outside of Tor network.

You can read the full list of warning regarding the proper use of Tor at their Tor warnings page.