Free Airport Wifi Bypass Trick to ✔ FREE AIRPORT WIFI ✔

This page is going to show you how to get FREE AIRPORT WIFI by bypassing expensive airport wifi and get access at the airport 100% Free.

Free Airport Wifi Bypass Trick

This trick to get around airport wifi restrictions is incredibly easy. You don’t need Boingo or a password of any sort.

All you do is add/append the following to the web address you want to go to:

  • ?.jpg

So if you want to go to you simply type:


How easy is that. This trick is not one I have actually tried, as of yet, but I have seen this trick published in a few places online so I am assuming it is legit. If it is or not, please leave a comment below and if you have other tips to access free airport wifi, please leave the tip in the comments below as well.


Why this Trick Works

.jpg is the file extension for an image so by appending the url with ?.jpg you are tricking the wifi into thinking you are accessing an image online and not a website and for whatever reason this is ok to do 100% free.

Airports Charging for Wifi Is …

I personally this it is ridiculous that airports charge for wifi access. In my opinion, that is no way to treat a customer who is already paying you at least a few hundred dollars.

What do you think? Do you think charging for wifi access at an airport is fair or not?