Whats Draining/Using your Iphone 5 Battery?

This page is going to show you how to view the percentage drain the different apps, on your Iphone 5, are draining your battery life. 

This will allow you to see which apps are draining your battery life the most. Items that drain your battery the most are displayed at the top.

  • From the HOME screen on your 5 tap the SETTINGS icon.

Iphone 5 Settings Icon from Home Screen.

  • Scroll down and tap GENERAL settings.

Iphone 5 General Settings  Icon.

  • Press the USAGE menu item.

Iphone 5 General Settings Usage Menu.

  • Press the menu item BATTERY USAGE.

Iphone 5 Battery Usage Menu Item.

  • Give your Iphone  5 – 10 seconds to calculate percentage usage of your Iphone 5 apps. The screen will display the percentage of battery life each app is consuming, with the biggest gobblers of battery drainage at the top. You can view statistics over the last 24 hours and the last 7 days.

Iphone 5 Battery Usage Screen.