How to Get FREE Stuff on by Writing Reviews

This page is going to show you a simple method on how to get free stuff on Amazon shopping website by offering to write reviews of amazon products, which basically means you get lots of free stuff on Amazon for simply writing a paragraph or two telling your thoughts and opinions of the free products they send you.

Customer Reviews – the Core of

I am a regular shopper on If you have not noticed, pretty much every single product on Amazon has reviews by people who have purchased the products. Although most online reviews are bogus, MOST of Amazon reviews are legit.

Whenever I buy anything on Amazon I ALWAYS check the selection to only show me products with 4 out of 5 review stars or greater. Almost everyone who shops on Amazon pays attention to the reviews.

To the people selling products on Amazon, the review is one of the most important elements to sellers making sales on Amazon. This is where you will come in.

Why Amazon Vine is not an Option

There are some websites that talk about becoming a Vine member on Amazon, where you get free products to write reviews for them. The problem with the Amazon Vine program is that it is by invitation only so it is something you have no control over and it may never happen.

Step #➀ to Free Amazon Stuff – Find Products with Little Reviews

Look for products on Amazon that do not already have many reviews associated with them. The seller of these products will be more motivated to give you a product free in exchange for your opinion because he wants to build up the products review reputation.

Products that already have tons and tons of great reviews will have much less of a desire or need for added reviews but you can apply this technique to products that already have lots of views if you would like.

How to Find Amazon Products with Low Number of Reviews

  1. Go to
  2. In the search box type in the product you are looking to get for free.
  3. The less expensive the item is, the more likely this technique will work but give more expensive items a shot too. You never know until you try.
  4. Scroll through the pages looking for the products with the lower number of total reviews.

Amazon Sort by Review Chrome Extension

If you use or don’t mind using Google Chrome browser, here is a faster easier way to find products with the lowest number of reviews:

  1. The is an extension for Google Chrome browser that adds a new item in ‘sort by‘ drop down at the Amazon website called sort by review. Install this extension.
  2. Once this extension is installed, when you are at the website, click the ‘sort by‘ drop down, which is at the upper right side of the page, and you will see Numbers of Reviews.
  3. When you click Numbers of Reviews menu item, the extension, by default, shows products with the MOST number of reviews first so what you want to do is go to the later number of pages in search results to get the lowest number of reviews. In other words, lets say your product search shows there are 20 pages of results. You want to go to page 19 and 20 to find the ones with little to no reviews. You can do this by inserting the following text in the web browser address bar: &page=19. This will take you to page 19. This is called url manipulation and you can find out more by seeing how to manipulate url for results.

Step #➁ to Free Amazon Stuff – Contact the Amazon Seller

Once you have found your desired product with no more than a few reviews, contact the seller.

  1. Go to the product page.
  2. On the right side look for the text that says Ships from and sold by or Sold by (depending on the item for sale). Who it is sold by is right after that and is a link. Click it.
  3. On the page click the button Ask a Question.
  4. Make sure you have selected the option  I need assistance with: An item for sale.
  5. For Select a subject choose Other Question.
  6. Click the Write Message button.
  7. In the message text box enter a message similar to the following:
    Dear [sellers-name],
        I am a regular buyer of Amazon products. I am drawn to your product [product name] and judging by the pictures and description I am amazed you have so little reviews?!? I would love to try your product in exchange for a full review. If this is something you are interested in please contact me.
  8. Do not copy and paste this word for word, but change it up a little to make it your own.
  9. For your convenience you may wish to save your version of this in notepad on your so you don’t have to keep rewriting this every time you want a product free on Amazon.

TIP: If you or a friend owns a website or blog you can even offer to write a review of the product on your own website as well will a link back to the sellers product page on Amazon. This will provide even more motivation to the seller to give you the item free in exchange for your review.

Rinse and Repeat

Some sellers will go along and send you the product 100% free or at a greatly discounted price in return for your review. Some will not. Success with this method does work enough that it is well worth the little bit of effort.