How to Work on a Cruise Ship for a Summer

Interested in summertime cruise ship employment? This page is going to reveal information about how to find employment on a cruise ship during the summer months, get paid $1,500 – $5000 per month (depending on position) and see the world for free.

Summer Cruise Ship Job – the Dream Job

If you want to see the world for free and get paid you do not have to join the Navy. Just work on a cruise ship. There are far more employment opportunities than you might thing simply because most people simply assume these types of jobs are hard to get because they ARE the dream job.

Cruise Ship Job Perks – Money, Health Insurance, Free Room and Board

A cruise ship job would be a great job even if you DIDN’T get paid simply because:

  1. You get to travel to all kinds of exotic locations – 100% FREE.
  2. Health insurance is usually included free.
  3. There are NO expenses as food and lodging are also 100% free.

Two Cruise Ships Side by Side.

What you Might NOT Like About Summer Cruise Ship Job

For some people, the biggest downside is most cruise ship jobs require long hours. It’s typical for a cruise ship worker to work 6 or even 7 days a week, 8 – 12 hours per day. My advice is to find a job that you are really going to like so you don’t mind putting in all those hours. Of course there are dozens of cruise ship jobs available so if you are looking to put in less hours, you may be in luck.

Cruise Ship Employees.

How to Find a Cruise Ship Job for the Summer

The one other downside to a cruise ship job is the process of finding employment on the sea is not the same as finding employment on land. It can actually be a fairly complicated process.

Beware of cruise ship agencies who promise you the moon and the stars. Many of these agencies are dishonest and flat out lie about things like you salary and job position.

A better alternative is to obtain a guide from someone who has already worked on cruise ships and knows the ins and outs of the whole cruise ship employment process.

These guides are full of detailed, step-by-step instructions, job descriptions and specific cruise line contact information such as:

  • The many different cruise ship job descriptions and salaries.
  • Cruise ship comparison information that tells about the different types of environment on the different cruise ships and locations the different cruise ships go to. If you want to see the tropics for free it makes no sense to get a job on an Arctic cruise ship.
  • Some come with a programs that makes it fast and easy to create and send out job applications very quickly.
  • The proper resume template for a cruise ship job.

Cruise Ship Pool Deck.

List of Common Cruise Ship Jobs

There are many more cruise ship jobs than this list reveals but these are the most common cruise ship jobs that are available on almost all cruise ships:

Beauty/Spa/Hairdressing/Fitness Jobs Human Resources Department Jobs
Casino Jobs Financial Services Jobs
Cruise Staff/ Youth Staff Jobs Information Technology/ IT Jobs
Deck Department Jobs Medical Jobs
Engine Department Jobs Photography Jobs
Entertainment Department Jobs Golf/ Scuba Diving Instructor Jobs
Food And Beverage Jobs Lecturers/ Speakers Jobs
Galley/ Culinary Jobs Instructor Jobs
Gift Shops/ Retail Sales Jobs Cruise Ship Art Auctioneer Jobs
Housekeeping Jobs Clergy/ Religious Services
Hotel Operations/ Guest Services Jobs

Guides that can Assist you with Cruise Ship Employment for the Summer or Year-Round