SLIME Car TIRE Sealant Flat Tire Puncture REPAIR ✔✚ REVIEW

This page is going to Provide you with my Experience Review of the Car Tire Puncture Repair Sealant SLIME™ and let you know if the $10-in-a-can product Really Seals Car Tire Leaks or if Slime is a Complete Hoax.

What is SLIME TIRE Repair?slime-tire-puncture-repair-in-a-can

Slime™ is an auto repair product advertised as a flat tire repair in a can which costs around $10. The idea behind Slime™ is that you don’t have to spend money to have a tire repair shop fix your car tires leak and using Slime to repair your tire puncture will be much faster, easier and less expensive.

In this review I will be answering, based upon my experience, these questions:

  • How to use Slime™?
  • Does Slime™ work at all?
  • How long does Slime™ work to seal up a tire puncture?
  • Can Slime™ be used to avoid or put off replacement of a tire?
  • Does Slime™ work on punctures in the tires sidewall and/or tread area?

How I Became Aware of Slime Tire Repair

One of my cars, a 2015 Hyundai Elentra, a leased car, about two years into the lease, had developed a slow leak. How slow? The low tire pressure light would come on about once every five days. When I would fill the tire it would show I was about 5 lbs under recommended tire pressure so basically I was losing about one pound of tire pressure per day.

How to Use Slime™ – Step by Step Instructions

Using Slime™ is extremely easy to do. To repair a tire puncture with Slime:

  1. Start up the car with the tire puncture would and drive it to move the affected tire to a


    position where tire valve is in the 6 o-clock position. This make it easier for the entire product to be dispensed inside your cars tire.

  2. Shake the can of Slime™ vigorously for about one minute to fully mix the contents of the can.
  3. Unscrew the tire valve cap.
  4. Screw the tip of the can of Slime onto the tire valve. As you do this you will start to hear the contents of the can expel into the tire.
  5. Keep holding the can of Slime on the tire until the entire contents of the can is dispensed.
  6. Unscrew the can.
  7. Replace the valve stem cap.
  8. Fill tire to recommended psi for your car.
  9. Drive the car immediately for at least 1/4 mile so the spinning of the tire can spread the contents of Slime™ throughout the entire inside of the tire. I personally recommend drive the car for a couple of miles to ensure a better job. This is what I did.

How has Slime Worked for Me?

I have to say I am impressed Slime™ Tire repair as It has been a little over a month now since I used Slime and the low tire pressure light has yet to come on.

I am not sure where the leak was (tire sidewall or tread) or how bad it was (how bad is about one pound per day of pressure loss?) but I do know, that for me and my Hyundai tire, the product certainly meets the claims their advertising boasts. (If your car is German it probably won’t work for you LOL just kidding).

Do I Recommend Slime™ for Tire Puncture Repair?

Absolutely! I have no idea idea if my experience is typical or not but for $10 and about 10 minutes of your time, sure beats having to go to an auto repair or tire shop. Although the difference in price between paying a shop to repair the puncture versus a $10 can of Slime is not much difference, the difference in time saved and overall hassles in life is huge.

Can Slime™ be used to Avoid Worn Tire Replacement?

Absolutely not! No product can do that. When you tires tread has worn down to the point that it is time to replace the tire there is nothing you can do to avoid the replacement of the tire but Slime™, in this situation, might give you an extra couple hundred miles out of the tire.