Best Selling, Most Popular, Online Piano Lessons for Adults

Interested in learning piano online? You are not alone. Learning Piano Online via Online Piano Lessons for Adults is one of the most People Online Searches because Piano Lessons Online can be performed when it is convenient for you and is MUCH cheaper and easier than having to drive somewhere for Piano Lessons.

Advantages of Piano Lessons Online

While traveling to a persons home or a music center to learn how to play the piano is great because you interact one on one with the piano teacher right there and nothing beats that however …

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How to Work on a Cruise Ship for a Summer

Interested in summertime cruise ship employment? This page is going to reveal information about how to find employment on a cruise ship during the summer months, get paid $1,500 – $5000 per month (depending on position) and see the world for free.

Summer Cruise Ship Job – the Dream Job

If you want to see the world for free and get paid you do not have to join the Navy. Just work on a cruise ship. There are far more employment opportunities than you might thing simply because most people simply assume these types of jobs are hard to get because they ARE the dream job.

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STOP APPLE ITUNES UPDATE – How to Stop Annoying iTunes Update Nag for PC

If you have the Apple iTunes software installed on your PC you may have noticed the annoying update dialog that seems to appear more and more frequently and this page is going to show you how to permanently stop Apple iTunes from displaying the update nag screen forever.

Apple Itunes Update Nag Screen

More and more every day I am finding that Apple is a real pain in the ass in a lot of ways including the latest IOS 10 update that reportedly is killing peoples cell phone batteries but this particular issue we are dealing with today is the Apple Update nag screen that appears on my computer every few days asking me to update to the latest version of iTunes.

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Clogged Shaving Razor? Trick to Blast Hair, Gunk and Shaving Cream from Clogged Razor

This page is going to reveal a very simple and effective trick to quickly (one second) blast all the clogged hair and shaving cream from a razor blade which is much quicker and more effective than attempting to clean out the hair and shaving cream from a razor with just running water.

Blast Away Hair and Shaving Cream from a Shaving Razor

One of the most annoying things about shaving, for me anyways, is when I try to clean out the hair and shaving cream or soap and other gunk that accumulates within the blades after several strokes of the razor quite often, I have to worker harder than should to get the sinks running water to do a good job cleaning out this debris.

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2 BEST Unknown Web Browsers for Internet Privacy and Anonymity 100% FREE

The page is going to reveal two little known free web browsers that are the absolute, hands down, BEST web browser if internet privacy, security and anonymity are your biggest concerns as these two web browser totally protect and keep your identity secret as well as shield you from 3rd party ad trackers, cookies, and ads.

Brave Web Browser

Brave web browser is a web browser I just found out about by accident. In a nutshell, Brave strips away all the garbage from web pages and websites so that only the real content is downloaded and displayed to you.

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Brand New YouTube Auto Complete Keyword Scraper Software

This page is going to reveal a brand new software program coming out that harvests YouTube long tail keyword phrases by scraping the YouTube auto complete to the tune of hundreds of long tail YouTube keywords in a matter of seconds.

YouTube Auto Complete Keyword Scraper

YouTube Auto Complete Keyword Scraper is a software program that completely takes the hassles and expense of scraping long tail, auto complete, keyword phrases from YouTube. It is the YouTube keyword tool alternative for people who want a YouTube keywords software without having to pay $40 or more, which is what most YouTube keywords software program usually cost.

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How to STOP Receiving EMAILS from PLENTY Of FISH

This page is going to show you a couple of ways you can stop from sending you emails notifications regarding what other members are doing in regards to your profile as well as any other emails you might get from Plenty Of Fish.

Method #① to Stop Plenty Of Fish Emails

This one is kind of sneaky. This will stop all emails from Plenty Of Fish, assuming you are getting the emails on your computer.

Install the Plenty Of Fish dating app on your cell phone. Once installed log in there. Make sure when asked you specify to get notifications to the POF app on your cell phone. Wait for a few of these notifications to come in, then delete the app from your phone.

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How to MAKE a GOOD Plenty Of Fish PROFILE

This page is going to show you exactly how to make a really good Plenty Of Fish dating profile that will make your profile stand out and get more attention than most other profiles on

POF Username

When you create a profile on POF this is the very first aspect of your dating profile you have control over AND the first thing other members will see.

Think of your username as a short headline for your profile overall. You want to invoke curiosity from your username. You want people to see your username and instantly think to themselves “WHAT! I got the check this guy/girl out.”

Think of it this way. Imagine your username is such that it invites twice as many clicks to your POF profile than an average username. That means that by just creating a great username you have already caused twice as many people to view your profile.

Keep in mind that the username should not belie your personality though. It does not make sense to have the username LateNightShowHost12 if you are extremely shy.

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How to FIND ALL PDF Files on a Website or Blog

This page is going to show you how to find all pdf files on a website or blog with a few simple tricks that will expose all the .pdf files there are on a website or blog.

Why Find All PDF Files on a Website?

The most common reason this is done is when someone wishes to download a pdf product that is something that is for sale online such as a how to guide. By finding the hidden pdf files on a website or blog there is a chance you can find and download a pdf that was not meant to be given away for free.

Find All PDF Files on Website – Method #①

The first method of uncovering all the .pdf files that reside on a website involves a specialized Google search whose syntax is filetype:pdf. So for example if the website you want to find all the pdf files on is this website you would enter the following in a Google search:

  • filetype:pdf

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How to SEARCH for Someone by NAME on PLENTY Of FISH Dating

This page is going to show a simple trick to be able to search for people by name on Plenty Of Fish.

Search by Name on

Although searching for someone by name on the Plenty Of Fish dating website is not possible on the website, searching for someone by name IS possible with the help of a 100% free software program called POF Username Search.


Free Program that Allows you to Search for Someone by Name or Username.

The search by name program could not be easier to use:

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