How to MAKE a GOOD Plenty Of Fish PROFILE

This page is going to show you exactly how to make a really good Plenty Of Fish dating profile that will make your profile stand out and get more attention than most other profiles on

POF Username

When you create a profile on POF this is the very first aspect of your dating profile you have control over AND the first thing other members will see.

Think of your username as a short headline for your profile overall. You want to invoke curiosity from your username. You want people to see your username and instantly think to themselves “WHAT! I got the check this guy/girl out.”

Think of it this way. Imagine your username is such that it invites twice as many clicks to your POF profile than an average username. That means that by just creating a great username you have already caused twice as many people to view your profile.

Keep in mind that the username should not belie your personality though. It does not make sense to have the username LateNightShowHost12 if you are extremely shy.

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How to FIND ALL PDF Files on a Website or Blog

This page is going to show you how to find all pdf files on a website or blog with a few simple tricks that will expose all the .pdf files there are on a website or blog.

Why Find All PDF Files on a Website?

The most common reason this is done is when someone wishes to download a pdf product that is something that is for sale online such as a how to guide. By finding the hidden pdf files on a website or blog there is a chance you can find and download a pdf that was not meant to be given away for free.

Find All PDF Files on Website – Method #①

The first method of uncovering all the .pdf files that reside on a website involves a specialized Google search whose syntax is filetype:pdf. So for example if the website you want to find all the pdf files on is this website you would enter the following in a Google search:

  • filetype:pdf

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How to SEARCH for Someone by NAME on PLENTY Of FISH Dating

This page is going to show a simple trick to be able to search for people by name on Plenty Of Fish.

Search by Name on

Although searching for someone by name on the Plenty Of Fish dating website is not possible on the website, searching for someone by name IS possible with the help of a 100% free software program called POF Username Search.


Free Program that Allows you to Search for Someone by Name or Username.

The search by name program could not be easier to use:

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This page is going to show you how to report a fake profile on Plenty Of Fish dating website with just a few clicks so you can help keep the website clean and filled with real single members.

How to Report a Fake Profile

This method can be used to report a person on Plenty Of Fish for any reason, including to report a fake profile. You may wish to read this page on how to determine if a POF profile is fake.

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This page is going to provide some tips that will help get you noticed a lot more on Plenty Of Fish with some little known tips and tricks that will make more Plenty Of Fish members see and view your dating profile.

Change Profile Text and/or Pictures Once Per Week

Once per week make a change to some of your pictures and/or text. In other words, delete a picture or two and upload a new one or two. Make some changes to your profile description text then click the save button.

How does this get you noticed more on POF? Every time you make a change to your profile a member of with review your changes to make sure they are compliant with policies. It lets know that you are an active and regular user on POF which automatically places your profile closer to the top of search results than people who have not been on the site for several weeks or months.
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This page is going to show you how to easily change your zip code on Plenty Of Fish dating website, even if the text box containing your zip code is grayed out or disabled and not allowing you to change your zip code.

How To Change your Zip Code

Changing your zip code on POF, for most people, is extremely easy and involves just a few mouse clicks and less than one minute of your time. Here are step by step instructions, even if, in your case, the zip code text box is grayed out or disabled, not allowing you to change it.

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$15 per month Unlimited Cell Phone Plan, No Contacts

This page is going to reveal a little known cell phone company that offers $15 per month cell phone service which includes unlimited talk and text and unlimited WiFi data with absolutely no contracts and even comes with a 14 day free trial.

Really Affordable Cell Phone Service without Strings

I don’t know about you, but I have always felt the cell phone companies were really getting one over on us charging anywhere from $59 to $79 per month, after taxes and fees. Even the most reasonably priced and fairest cell phone service, Straight Talk wireless by Wal Mart at just $45 per month unlimited, seemed like it was a little bit expensive when you consider at the end of a year that amounts to over $500.

Well now you don’t have to put up with it anymore thanks to Republic Wireless, a company that, surprisingly has been in business since 2011. Republic Wireless has all the bells and whistles and an unbelievable price starting at just $15 per month.

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How GOOD is PLENTY Of FISH Dating Website? Review

This page is going to tell you all about Plenty Of Fish Dating Website, how Good it is, What is Good about it, what is Bad about it, and if it is worth your time to Join Plenty Of Fish for meeting someone for a serious, long term relationship.

About Plenty Of Fish Dating

Plenty Of Fish is THE most popular dating site in the world with many millions of single members, the majority of them reside in the United States, Canada and the UK. Plenty Of Fish was founded in 2003 by a Canadian man named Marcus Frind.pof-logo

Despite the fact that POF is a 100% free website (there is an upgrade option but it is not necessary to use the site in its entirety include sending and receiving emails). Plenty Of Fish earns many millions of dollars every year, mainly from advertising revenue achieved from ad clicks from the hundreds of millions of visitors every day, but also from upgrades to paid POF.

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This page is going to tell you how much it costs to be a member of Plenty Of Fish dating site, both as a basic member and as an upgraded member as well as what are the benefits of being an upgraded/paid member of Plenty Of Fish.

How Much Does Plenty Of Fish Dating Cost?

Plenty Of Fish has two types of memberships:

  1. Basic Membership: 100% Free. one thing that distinguishes Plenty Of Fish from other, so called, free dating sites is the free membership is fully, 100% functional with no real restrictions. In other words, you don’t have to pay or upgrade to be able to search for singles as well as send and receive messages. This is rather unique as most free dating sites give you very limited functionality for free. The Plenty Of Fish free membership allows you to pretty much do everything on their website.
  2. Upgraded or Paid Membership: the cost of upgraded membership depends on your time commitment:
    • Pay for 12 months and you get the lowest price per month of $6.78 per month for a total of $81.40.
    • Pay for 6 months at $8.50 per month for a total of $51.
    • Pay for 3 months at $12.90 per month for a total of $38.70.

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How to OPTIMIZE a URL for SEO ⏎

This page is going to show you how to properly optimize a url (the web address of a web page) for search engine optimization to help improve the page rank and search result positioning of a web page or blog post.

Url Optimization for SEO

Optimization the url or web address of a web page or blog post is a pretty simple process and involves these couple of rules:

  1. Have the words of the keyword phrase you are targeting for a blog post/web page be in the pages url. For example, this page is targeting the keyword phrase how to optimize a url for SEO. The name of this page is how-to-optimize-a-url-for-seo
  2. Make sure each word that makes up the url is seperated by a dash . Again, refer to the name of THIS page for example.

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